Copying Custom Views in Outlook from one PC to another

Since I initially allowed the PST file on my new tablet to be created from scratch rather than simply copying over the exising PST file from my main machine, I did not have any of the custom views available to me. Rather than recreate them I found this helpful article that walked me through the process.

This worked just fine for me with the caveat that I really needed to shut down Outlook after having imported the new views. Each time I tried to access them, Outlook would slow to a crawl and a Windows explorer window would open showing the folder where my ImportedViews.pst file was sitting. For good measure I deleted that PST as well while I had Outlook shut down. After opening all was well.

As with most things in Outlook, life would be much simpler if I were in an Exchange server environment, but at least there seem to be workarounds for us non-office folks.