Still haven’t picked up a Tablet PC

I still have not ordered my tablet. Every time I go out onto IBM’s website with the intent of purchasing the unit I come away frustrated. I want the built-in biometric fingerprint reader of the lower end machine AND the much better battery and larger HD of the higher end machine. Plus I want to get a few other upgrades (memory and maybe that Dragon Dictate software) but every time I look I either cannot figure out how to do it or am hopelessly confused by the terrible way the options are laid out. I’m pretty sure that office comes with the unit but when you get down to the software options there is Office available for order for full price. I’m 100% sure that if I mess it up (double order), they won’t tell me and simply ship me what’s on the manifest.

Add to that the ongoing delay and the fact that, being mail-order every problem will take several days of mailing pieces back and forth, well… I’m not super confident that I’ll get what I want.

I’d be MUCH happier if they had a local distributor with the tablet in stock so that I can simply walk in, discuss it with the person, open it up, make sure all my pieces are there and then walk out again.

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