Hello Comcast – Hello Lightning

In my efforts to embrace all that is wonderful and new I’ve been steadily preparing to wean myself off of Bellsouth. I set myself up with Vonage a couple of months ago and that went pretty well. Just this past Saturday I had Comcast come by and set me up with a cable Internet connection. I have to say it’s blazing! I used to get about 2200 kbits/second download speed with my Bellsouth MegaDSL line my Comcast hovers consistently in the high 3,000’s and I’ve even seen it get above 4,000. And that extra speed is noticeable when I stream videos and the like.

Anyway, about 29 hours after initiating my Comcast service, tropical storm Arlene made itself felt in the form of a power surge that resulted in a great white flash and cool “popping” noise that demolished my cable modem.

After some going around with the cable company (mostly because their outlets are not open on Mondays and then they are not supposed to do modem swaps) I managed to get a replacement modem a couple of days later and was back in business.

Then I found that the surge had also taken out my Vonage router :(. About 45 minutes on the phone with India and then New Jersey resulted in them agreeing that the router was toast and they are shipping me a replacement.

I expect the replacement to arrive tomorrow then I’ll be back in business.

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