Swingless Golf Club

I had a hearty laugh when I read about this Swingless Golf Club. I have to admit I am still not sure that it’s not just a joke but I thought I’d share it with you.

I do enjoy a good round of golf, but even I have to say that it’s not exactly the most taxing activity in the world. Add a golf cart to remove the walking and now this tool to remove the actual swinging and I’m not quite sure how to classify this activity at all! 🙂

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  1. I was in Dave and Buster’s while I was up in Toronto and they have a virtual golf center just behind the bar. According to the waiter it’s pretty normal for folks to schedule a full 18 holes of golf there and play famous courses from around the country (maybe the world? I didn’t get that far into it with him).

    Sounds like just the ticket. You don’t even need to worry about losing your balls!

  2. Good Lord! Let’s pack some explosives into the back end of a driver and see what happens. No wonder the power strips are only shipped via UPS Ground – if there’s gunpowder in there I’m sure the FAA wouldn’t really want them airborne. Soak them puppies in nitro glycerine and you can probably get 300 yards.

    Nice to see the Americans have been able to combine their love of ammunition with their love of golf.

    I wonder what happens if you swing the club and pull the trigger?

  3. BTW, Dave and Busters isn’t the only place with indoor golf. I can recall a place here in Burlington easily 15 years ago that had similar technology.

    Basically you swing your real clubs and hit a real ball into a projection screen loaded with sensors that displays photos (or likely now, digital images) of the course you are on. Based on the sound from the ball contact, plus where your ball made contact with the screen, a computer would then generate a simulated flight path for the ball. The photo would adjust to your new position on the hole, and the computer would tell you your remaining distance.

    The one nice thing was that you always had a good lie, even if you were stuck in the middle of a forest or a pond. Oh yes, and you didn’t have to wait for “la jeune fille avec les boissons” to tour the entire course before she came back to your foursome. The only downside is that putting out was (and probably still is) a bit lame.

    Still, it was very satisfying to shoot in the mid-80’s at Pebble Beach. And I’m certain it was an accurate representation of what I would have really shot…

  4. Apparently its for real. My father plays with a friend at a retirment community and they saw a guy with one. He told them his arthirtis had gotten to the point where making the long drive on 18 holes left him in pain for days afterwards, but he still can play the short game. So he uses it to get back out there, rather than stay home or take up knitting.

  5. I’m an Ex-Golf Pro who is now disabled. I have this great club which allows me to play the game I love. Without this club I would never get out on the course and enjoy the other 300 things that I enjoy about my day of golf. So before you laugh at this club try to remember it is not for the healthy people who are making fun of the club it is for people like myself.

  6. is this club for real…my thoracic is jacked up and cant fully swing my driver without feeling that butcher knife in my mid back…but short game I can do. is there a website for this driver to purchase . daryl

  7. @Daryl Larsen – It surely is. And it seems perfect for someone like you who may enjoy getting out on the course and all that goes with a pleasant round of golf but can no longer comfortably swing the club.

    But it’s not cheap. I checked and you can still buy these and there a a bunch of youtube videos to help you get a sense of how noisy, usable they are.


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