Pentium vs. Athlon (2004)

I’ve always had difficulty trying to compare AMD vs Intel chips. Recently the folks on Screensavers on "TechTV" have been raving that AMD is now the way to go bang-for-your-buck-wise.

I think the best you can hope for is to check out some of the known review sites (CNET, ZDNET, etc.) and see if they have anything that can help.

I did a quick search on Google and got the hits below.

I’ll tell you that *I’m* expecting to make the move to a tablet PC when the time comes to replace my laptop.

2 thoughts on “Pentium vs. Athlon (2004)”

  1. Thanks, the links answered all I wanted to know.

    On the ‘tablet pc’, are you seeing or hearing much about them down there? I saw them (and got to try one) at a computer show in toronto about 6 months before they were launched. Then they were big news for a couple of months, and then I’ve not heard about them or actually seen one for sale since.


  2. No, they’ve been doing a very poor job marketing them here in the States. I haven’t even seen one yet. Most of my knowledge of them is via the “G’day world” podcast and the tablet PC podcast.

    I think they have definite potential but they need to become more mainstream and that means the price needs to come down (chicken or the egg issue).

    I figure I’ll look at what the state of the art is for tablets when I’m ready to replace my laptop in a one or two year timeframe and decide at that point. But “inking” is exactly the kind of interface I’ve been dreaming about ever since GUI / mouse interfaces became standard. It just *seems* right.

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