MP3Search.Ru – Great MP3 Music Archive!

A friend sent me a link to this website recently:
MP3Search.Ru – Great MP3 Music Archive!

He’s been quite happy with it and I have to admit I’m tempted myself. I’m much more of the opinion that songs are finally reasonably priced now that we’re not forced to purchase an album of largely unwanted songs just to get the one or two that you want. So I’ve been buying all my music lately from Apple’s iTunes.

Here’s my response to my friend:
I have heard about this site before. Nothing bad, it was profiled on “The Screensavers” on TechTV last year. It is located in Russia and is, presumably, legal there. Whether or not that translates to legal here was a question left up to the viewer. But the reviewer indicated he was quite pleased and liked the idea that he could select the quality of the songs he downloaded.

I suppose it comes down to how comfortable one would be holding up a receipt from this website as proof of purchase! 🙂

News aggregators

Is anybody out there using a news aggregator?

I’m using NewsGator – it’s tied in pretty intimately with Outlook 2003 but I’m finding it works really well. The biggest issue with blogs and web sites is filtering out the stuff I’ve read before and it does a terrific job at that.

I *was* using Bloglines but I found it didn’t do a very good job at remembering what I had read before.

This blog and my photo gallery both support aggregators to let you know when something has changed. I find this useful for keeping a handle on other sites that don’t change on any particular schedule.

Let me know what tools you use for this purpose