All-glass Undersea Restaurant

Just found this article about an all-glass undersea restaurant on, this looks like it would be a great once-in-a-lifetime thing to try out. I can’t imagine what a meal must run but, if you’re vacationing in the Maldives, I suspect cost is not your primary concern. This prompted me to recall our silver-service dinner … Continue reading All-glass Undersea Restaurant

Poll – Guys (and Gals) office shirts

Continuing the examination of “Affluenza” in North America, a comment in the last poll from Rose-Marie about ladies’ shoes got me thinking about mens’ shirts. I’m curious how many shirts the guys out there have. To narrow it down I’m only talking about shirts that you would wear to work in a business-casual office environment. … Continue reading Poll – Guys (and Gals) office shirts


There are plenty of great definitions of podcasting available both on the web and in the blogosphere so I’m not going to go into great amounts of detail here. Suffice it to say that if you like using TIVO or even just DVRs for your TV viewing, then you’ll love podcasting. Not only can you … Continue reading Podcasts!