There are plenty of great definitions of podcasting available both on the web and in the blogosphere so I’m not going to go into great amounts of detail here.

Suffice it to say that if you like using TIVO or even just DVRs for your TV viewing, then you’ll love podcasting. Not only can you timeshift, pause and replay your shows, but you are not even restricted to regular radio programming, there are literally thousands of shows out there.

"Podcasting" is somewhat of a misnomer, if you can play MP3 files you can listen to these broadcasts.

Wikipedia has a great definition and overview of podcasting.

Podcast Client

I have tried out a number of clients in the past, but they most likely have improved since then, so I’m going to just talk about the one(s) that I am currently using.

  Doppler buttonHere is my mini-review



If you’re interested in finding new podcasts, check out Podcast Alley. This is where I tend to browse when I’m looking for something new and interesting to listen to.

In my opinion, the podcasts most worth listening to are (in order) as follows:

IT Conversations blog entry A well produced variety of podcasts that cover the gamut from keynote speeches through to interviews with book authors.


Slashdot Review SlashdotReview is a ten minute audio podcast summary of recent technology news items from Slashdot.org


Career Opportunities Brief, insightful column concerning career issues and common sense approaches to them


G'day World Podcast A worthwhile, hour-long podcast featuring interviews and insights from a couple of Australian guys


Slacker Astronomy Slightly corny humor and topical astronomical information make this brief weekly podcast a must-listen.


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