Parenting Fails: BUS-ted!

Even as a kid this never made sense to me. I also appreciated how the metal bar at the top of the seat ahead of you was just about perfectly positioned to remove your front teeth should the bus ever come to a sudden stop.

Michelle thinks it would cut down on bullying, but I think they’d still figure out a way to pick on one another.

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TSA Intimidates Pilot – Learns Nothing

An amazing waste of taxpayer dollars and resources to try to intimidate this pilot. I especially appreciate how they have revoked his concealed carry and his carry on weapon. Of course he still has full control of an airplane full of people so if his intentions were malign he could easily effect them without those tools – which were ostensibly granted to him to help protect his passengers.
So it appears that the net of this is:
1) Chilling effect on whistleblowers of the TSA due to gross misuse of authority
2) *Reduced* security for airline passengers due to reduction in pilot available defensive resources
3) Lessons learned by TSA that may help US Citizens – None

I’m glad we have ballsy guys like this out there willing to take this kind of heat.

Read the details here: Sacramento-area pilot punished for YouTube video

MagicJack + iTunes 9 + Vista Home Premium SP2 = Weird

*Updated September 23, 2009 *

After upgrading to iTunes 9.1 and rebooting, all is well. I’m pretty sure the real issue is the MagicJack. I’m seeing lots of weirdness from it. I’ll play with it for another week and then decide whether to go for Vonage instead. Had trouble verifying my phone in Google Voice. Sometimes I can’t pick up the phone (press 1 when presented with a call from Google voice) other times it picks up but one or the other end of the conversation can’t hear the other.

* End Update *

After performing a bunch of updates on my home machine beginning with the SP2 update for Vista home Premium, I went to play something on my freshly-updated-to-version-9 iTunes and… no sound.

So, while I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with that (all other sounds are playing just fine – media player, streaming videos) Michelle is trying to configure her Google Voice number to point to our new Magic Jack number. When she initiated the verification call to her phone, lo and behold, my iTunes music was playing.

Still trying to work *that* out…

Holy water ban to halt swine flu

It’s too bad they don’t have some kind of, I dunno, supernatural power available to them that could help them resist…

Holy water ban to halt swine flu

Say… does anybody understand why it’s OK to skip drinking the blood o’ Christ now? If you subscribe to transubstantiation shouldn’t the wine be… well… sterile?
And if it’s OK now.. why not all the time? These shortcuts could really save money in the long run.