My Review of Thermo-Tex Solar Covers- In-Ground

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Thermo-Tex In-Ground Solar Cover- 5-Year Warranty The Thermo-Tex™ In-Ground Solar Cover is manufactured with THERMO-TEX™ technology, which is an additive that maximizes the blankets ability to absorb thermal energy and maintain it, providing superior light diffusion properties that enhance the sun’…

Inexpensive good quality solar cover

By marcdcmb from Marietta, GA on 6/30/2012


4out of 5

This is my first pool and first solar cover so I’m no expert. But the cost for this was a fraction of what my pool company wanted to charge me.

I really won’t know what kind of value this cover offers until I’ve had it for at least a year.

But it arrived promptly, was the right size. Was finished nicely (edges looked to be heat sealed). The cover was straightforward to cut to size.

The only issue I’m seeing is trying to get it to lie flat on the water. I’m folding it rather than rolling it onto a reel so that is likely the source of this issue. Even with my modest 12 x 28 foot pool it is a challenge for a single person to handle this cover. I see a reel in my future.. my wife’s not too enthusiastic about that.


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  1. We went without a reel for a few years, and would never go back. We have had two reels. The first one was fixed to the ground with screws. The 2end one is on ‘bigger’ stands, but they just sit on the ground. I would recomend this type. When you just want to swim yourself, one person can just roll up the cover. When you are having people over, roll it up, and then 2 people can easily carry the stand and cover over to the wall, or some other ‘out of the way’ place.

  2. Thanks for the input King. I’ve taken the cover off myself ONCE and don’t intend to do that again. Even on our relatively modest pool it’s pretty ungainly trying to get the cover off in any manner that might be foldable / storable. Putting the cover back on I could *kind* of see being OK if it had originally been folded properly.

    I don’t think we’ll end up using it a whole lot through the hottest months. The enclosure limits the sun exposure – so between that and the salt cell chlorine is not an issue. And it’s warm enough here that the pool remains at a comfortable temperature even after a relatively cool night. But fall is on the horizon and if we want to keep swimming up to November I can’t see that happening without some kind of cover.

  3. one other thing for putting the cover back on the pool… put a LONG rope on the end and pull it across the pool. With your pool being a rectangle, pulling it from the sides is more practical then for my coffin shaped pool, but attach a rope between 2 of the seams in the cover, and then attached the long rope to that rope. That way you apply the stress along the seam, and it’s much easier.

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