2012 Home Renovations – Part 27 – Framework for Lanai is largely done

Things have been a bit busy around here lately so I’m combing the beginning and end of the day pictures this time.

Yesterday they DC Enclosures guys were here and they erected the bulk of the skeleton of the new lanai

Shortly after the above pictures were taken I got together with all the major parties: DC Enclosures – acting as contractor – and the Electrician and the Pool Guy and we discussed where we needed to get to from here. Tons of decisions needed to be made that I would ordinarily take perhaps days to think about.  It’s possible to change some of the items that were agreed upon, it just becomes either pricey or disruptive to do so the further into the project you go as all parts have dependencies on the other parts it seems.

We agreed to create a walled corner in the shed to house some of the equipment and the control panels and electrical sub panel. Originally we were going to have the new electrical sub panel on the side of the house (near where the air conditioner condenser used to be) but when we got up to needing to pull about 25+ wire pairs through the piping that we’d laid down (plus needing numerous safety disconnects for the pool equipment) it made more sense to just wholesale feed all the electricity to the shed and then parse it out from there.

Also, it turns out that the receiving and return pipes for the pool (white pipes in the background below) need to be rerouted since the inputs to the heater are on the near side of the unit instead of the far side as was originally thought. The maintenance panel on that unit needs to be easily accessible and it either needed to be turned around as it is now or jutting out into the walk way. Fortunately we had left the wooden retaining wall unfinished and the top few beams are not even attached to accommodate such eventualities.

Also, lighting was discussed. The pool lights are going to be controlled by the iLink system which will also control the heater, booster pump, salt system and filter. The main lights will be controlled by a new bank of switches which will be mounted inside the laundry room.

Overall we will have:

  • lights at each of the 3 screen doors to the Lanai,
  • a pair of sconce lights gracing the two columns supporting the old patio roof,
  • 4 more sconce lights around the perimeter of the lanai to provide accent lighting around deck,
  • a couple of spot lights at the peak of the gable over the old patio roof to provide working light on the deck,
  • another pair of spot lights at the peak of the lanai roof overlooking the rest of the back yard,
  • some new spot lights for illuminating the bar-b-que area and
  • a replacement set for lighting up the rest of the back yard behind the gym.

A LOT of lights to think about…

Anyway, when the guys left a LOT of the infrastructure work and planning had been completed and it looked like this

2012 Home Renovations – Part 26 – Lanai parts have arrived

2012 Home Renovations – Part 28 – Screening of Lanai Done

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  1. @Louise – No, the enclosure counts as a fence from a safety point of view. We *do* need to put annoying alarms on each of the doors into the enclosure however…

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