2012 Home Renovations – Part 18 – Finally, the deck pour

Things continue to proceed rapidly. So fast, in fact, that my contractor is slowing things down a bit to allow time for us to make decisions about colors and patterns now that we’ve got some of the reality of our project in front of us.

I was not at all sure, with the weather forecasting rain in the near future, that the deck pour would happen today.

Today also happened to be the day we were to head out of town to visit relatives in Florida. Just as we were packing up to go, the trucks all started arriving and soon we had a back yard teeming with people and equipment as they prepared for the pour.

Poor Michelle wanted us to be on our way but… who can resist the lure of a cement pour?

So I watched as the majority of the back was poured and they were even part way into stamping the concrete before we had to finish loading up the car and head on our 10 hr drive to the South.

The pour begins

Almost immediately it needs to be leveled

And carefully smoothed and brought to the edges. That’s Stacio in the center (I hope I’m spelling his name correctly) making sure that the concrete is seated into the coping form correctly.

Here, as the cement is smoothed, the releasing agent is added

And here is the cement truck pouring its load into the pumper that is delivering the cement to the back yard. That’s Michelle in the foreground being ever so patient waiting for me.

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