How to stop CVS automated prescription calls

** Update December 8, 2018 **

Whelp, finally got fed up with their shenanigans and switched pharmacies. The final straw for me was their terrible app that had so much trouble letting me pick with method I wanted to pay with (hint, it just picks the first one it finds if you have more than one available). Also they kept switching my prescriptions to “autofill” so when I would actually want to refill a prescription it would be ineligible.

To the CVS management who believes that being so aggressive is the key to success. I presume your target demographic is confused elderly baby-boomers. What you are doing is not only annoying but is poor form across the board. Adiós muchachos

** End Update **

** Update March 1, 2014 **

Jeremy (in the comments below) pointed out that the second number is to opt out of that annoying reminder that your prescription is ready. Presumably you already know when it will be available and you just happen to not be able to immediately run out and pick it up. It will keep for a few days…

** End Update **

It’s a minor annoyance but when my phone rings it’s because it’s somebody I want to talk with, or there is a problem at work. I don’t want to be called because I might need a prescription refill or there is one ready and waiting for me.

For some reason there are two numbers you need to call. The first one is absolutely simple:

To opt out of the refill reminder calls dial 1-866-514-4965. It will default to opting the number you called from out but will ask to confirm this and ask for any additional numbers.

Not sure why, but the second one needs for you to speak with a person:

To opt out of the prescription ready reminders dial 1-800-746-7287, you’ll need to yell “more options” into your phone and then yell “Opt out of reminders” to be taken to a person who will remove your number(s) for you.

I suppose it’s a useful reminder for some folks but I prefer to keep track of my own stuff.


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  1. If CVS calls my home again at 9am on saturday or sunday and before 9am on a weekday I will move my business with another local pharmacy those are the most annoying calls ever. If I call in a prescription I will pick it up when I can do not call my home to remind me!!!! So annoyed and irritated with your everyday calls.

    1. I was on hold for 25 minutes to talk to a cvs representative my call went unanswered. I want to know why I keep getting calls from cvs 3 to 4 times a week ? I go to pick up the prescription And there is no prescription to be picked up . Please take my husband number off your call list .

  2. Thanks for this info to opt out. CVS called me 7 times in the space of an hour, each time the call would end as soon as I answered. A worker at the local CVS store said they apparently they had system problems at the time because others complained that Saturday morning also. While in the store, the automated system called again with the same result. I was furious. We will now get our prescriptions filled elsewhere in hope for a better experience.

  3. Oh my god I can’t thank you enough for this. I finally answered one of their annoying calls to see if I could opt out, and the automated voice gave me a number, but it wasn’t working! Finally, I’ll be able to sleep past 7 am in the morning… THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks for providing this information. I am perfectly capable of knowing when to refill my prescriptions without a sales call from CVS.

  5. I really appreciate this. I’ve frequently asked my local CVS to remove my name and they have done so, but this doesn’t last for more than a couple of months before the calls start again. Adding to the annoyance: I now live on the West Coast but still have my east coast phone number, so my calls come shortly after 6 A.M. local time!

  6. Thank you for this! I called my local CVS and they said to call a 1-800 # for CVS. When I called that #, it said to call back during business hours. I used the # and directions you list above and it worked. Thank you.

  7. Thanks a bunch! The 866 number worked great. Let’s hope they stop calling.

    I can’t imagine why any company would believe customers would want their phone ringing off the hook.

  8. You are The Man!

    What a production! Absolutely ridiculous that there are so many hoops to jump through. Makes Walgreens look better and better.

  9. Thanks VERY much. Of course, CVS doesn’t present this information on their website, which is fiercely annoying.

  10. Thank you for listing this information! I just removed my home and cell numbers from their lists. We work and sleep odd hours and I am so sick of the phone ringing when we’re trying to sleep. Wish I could take it off the hook, but what about family emergencies?

  11. What everyone else said. Went to Walgreens for the first time yesterday because of this nonsense – but my wife still insists on CVS. Calls are going to stop, one way or the other.

  12. Am I the only person that likes the call? Sometimes I forget to call in my order so when I get the call it makes me feel better knowing they have my back. I am on many medications (16) so I appreciate the call! My phone anounces who is calling so I don’t even have to open my
    eyes should they call in the morning. I hope everyone who is annoyed with the reminder can get it resolved. Do any of you have a block numbers feature on your phone? Well good luck.

  13. I just had to go through this nonsense yet AGAIN, for my husband’s meds this time. I wish they would just ask (when you turn in your prescription slip) whether you would like their phone call reminders. Very simply solved…

  14. Shoot! I did em both for good measure! The first # said it would take 48hrs and the second one said it would take 24hrs .. *crosses fingers* Let’s hope this works. Thank you tons! 🙂

  15. You Rock! I found your instructions by googling stop cvs from calling. I completed the action and hopefully they will stop calling, again, you REALLY made my day!

  16. So sick of the calls. My husband was hospitalized for two weeks and so was not taking meds and then changes were made to meds, kept getting calls almost on a daily basis for refills which were not needed or for meds he was no longer taking. Very frustrating. Thanks so much for this info. Called both #s and hoping it works.

  17. CVS has been blowing up our phone for over a year with these blasted refill reminders. They were sometimes calling 2-3 per day! The worst part is that they were calling to remind my husband to refill prescriptions he was NO LONGER TAKING!!!! The local CVS kept ‘updating’ my husband’s file but the calls just kept coming. Finally, I was told that the reminder calls come from the corporate office. I called 866-514-4965 to opt out of these dreaded reminders almost two months ago. Lo and behold…CVS calls my husband this morning to remind him about a refill he had already planned to get today. Once again the local pharmacy promised to update his file and once again I called the corporate office to opt out of these stupid reminder calls. We’re even more pissed off about the calls now that we found out that CVS is/was under investigation for automatically refilling prescriptions without customer consent in order to increase their sales numbers!

  18. I can’t thank you enough. If I only had one prescription it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it has gotten to the point of annoying. Thanks!

  19. A second thank you for the 2nd phone number. There are times when I refill a script, but I set it for a few days from now as I don’t need it today. I end up getting automated calls every day, sometimes twice a day, reminding me my script is ready for pick up. I keep track myself on ‘to do’ lists I have, so I don’t need all the calls. You rock!

  20. I was given a new work number in November 2011 and the previous owner never updated his contact information with CVS. I’ve been getting these super annoying calls (at the most inconvenient times) for over TWO YEARS!! Thank you so much for posting this information!

  21. I join the thank yous! Just did it so not sure if it worked but the woman with whom I spoke was very nice. I had a RX filled this morning and spoke directly with someone but still got the automated call when I’d come home FROM picking it up! GRRRR. Annoying. I had them remove my # from their system and asked her to take it off the store number also since I’ve also gotten people from the store calling to ask when I was planning on picking up RXs! Just because I’ve had it filled doesn’t mean I’ll run right there for it especially during this extremely snowy winter. Sometimes CVS just has to wait a day or two for me to shovel out and get there! If they weren’t so close I’d never use them and only use them now during month too cold to drive to Walgreens.

  22. Thanks so much for this information! I’ve had them call me multiple times on a Saturday morning within an one hour window and when I called the store, they told me there was nothing they could do to help me. Talk about annoying. I’ve called both numbers and am looking forward to a CVS call-free day! 🙂 Thanks again!

  23. Great resource Marc. You might want to make doubly clear that the second number is for opting out that the prescription is ready, not that one needs refilling, which is the real annoyance. People probably want to know when it’s ready. It’s when they’re bugging us for refills that we don’t really need that’s a real PITA.

    You did state it pretty clearly, but for people who are skimming, “For some reason there are two numbers you need to call” makes it sound like you need to call both numbers to have anything happen, when really they’re two very different things.


  24. The first number works for refill reminders. The thing that’s been plaguing me is pickup reminders. I just talked to CVS. I called the second number and followed Marc’s directions to talk to an actual person. I asked her how to get through. She said say “customer relations” into the first voice menu. Apparently they make automated calls for seasonal allergies too (like ppl would need reminding). She told me I wouldn’t get an automated call after tomorrow for anything. We’ll see.

  25. Thanks for this article. Got a new phone number and started receiving these. Called second number you posted and followed your direction and was removed without having to speak with anyone. Thanks again, those calls were driving me nuts!

  26. I removed my number from automated calls. Now my pharmacy is calling me directly about prescriptions that are due to be refilled. They’ve called me everyday. I can’t believe these people. When I spoke to CVS Corporate directly- they said they had no idea about the pharmacy calling me. I said I have 5 vms asking me if I’d like to refill my scripts. Would you like to hear them??? Of course, the lady said no. CVS now has a work around for when you opt out- they now have the pharmacy basically cold calling asking for sales. That’s how I feel and I’m beyond annoyed. If I have a script I’d Ike to refill I’ll call and have it refilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. CVS calls not once, but several times for the same reminder: They call when your prescription is ready. They call when you need to request a new prescription. They even have the nerve to CALL YOUR DOCTOR to tell her that you need a new prescription, AND THEN CALL YOU TO ASK YOU TO CALL HER when she’s on vacation!! It’s amazing the lengths that this business will go to in order to get your dollars. Is this harassment?

  28. The implication that their customers are too simple to manage their own personal affairs speaks volumes about what these folks think of the customers who keep them in business.

    Of course, the best way to stop the ‘annoying phone calls’ is to stop spending money in their stores…

  29. Thanks for the phone number. Just “opted out” … I despise being opted in for ANYTHING. More evidence of big business in bed with government.

  30. Be careful!!! I have a blocked number on my cell. I called the number and somehow, they still know the number I am calling from. Don’t give them any information you don’t need to.

  31. Thank you!!! I have been getting countless phone calls from them for two years. One time I got the call, went to pick up, and they were out of my pills. Why are they calling me if they don’t even have my prescription???? I switched to a different pharmacy for most things, but sometimes I still go to CVS because they are more convenient. I just called the second number to opt out. Crossing my fingers!

  32. I just went through their annoying menu system and finally got their robot to indicate they would strop my Rx calls. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I believe there is a class actiopn suit to stop these calls. You would think CVS would wise up but apparently they’re a tad slow.

    None too hopefully

  33. Hi! This is the best one yet! A girl Kelly calls me from cvs, so I tell her no tks and I hang up. Well she called 9 consecutive times with of course “unidentified caller” final was so pissed I answer and told her will you call me another 10 times and I hung up! Well she called again

  34. Today I called to get the reminders turned off, and the CVS person told me (after I asked) that I could have done this on the web site also.

    I think they are either misinformed or lying, though possibly I overlooked the link.

    I did ask her where the magic button was, and she named the exact page I was on. I read aloud to her the buttons that I saw, none of which control phone calls. She mumbled something about there being some way to do it, and asked if I needed any other help.

  35. Received a call from a blocked ID and listening to the message ‘it said it was CVS’. I don’t really believe it.

  36. I get several of these calls every Sunday, even though I don’t have any prescriptions at all, anywhere. CVS’s Corporate office promised to remove my number from their database but they lied. I will file a complaint with my state’s Attorney General.

  37. Thanks for the information. Both numbers are still valid and the method given for each works.

    So glad to stop this annoyance.

    As of this May, 2015, this is the only way to stop these calls. There is no option for it on the CVS website, although there should be.

  38. I live 6 months in Vero Beach Fl and 6 months in Ct and I am a customer of CVS. When I’m in CT I am still hearing from Vero Beach plus CT. They call all hours of the day and night and often interrupt long distance calls. How can I stop this from happening???Could they just sent me and email or text message instead??????thanks.

  39. thank you so much for posting this! I have been asking the pharmacy constantly how to stop it, and they vaguely wave their hands and say you have to call someone we can’t help you.

    Now I’ve got my fingers crossed that this works….

  40. I really hope this works! These calls are so bloody annoying and come at all hours! The final crack was when we started getting reminders that we have photos to pick up at a CVS in Connecticut…and we have never been to Connecticut in our lives!

  41. Thank you for this information. I have been receiving calls on my business cell phone… sometimes several a day. These reminders are for someone that I do not know. It’s very frustrating that there is no option to opt out directly within the notification call. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT CVS AGAIN!

  42. Equally annoying to the thousands of calls are the filling of prescriptions not requested. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to pick up ONE Rx and they gave me four or five. I had NOT authorized these prescriptions to be filled and some were even expired and they had contacted my doctor’s office without my authorization to get more refill authorizations. CVS is without a doubt only looking out for their bottom line. When they fill Rxs not requested or perhaps even ones to which I am allergic and then try to slip them in among ones ordered, I think this is fraud. Once the Rx has left the building, even through the drive through window, they say they can’t take it back. Just a charlatan of a company if you ask me. I don’t know how much money I’ve paid, and how much I’ve polluted my sewer by flushing meds they filled without authorization and slipped to me or a family member picking up for me. I am in the process of filing a complaint with our State Pharmacy Board. They are the network approved by my health insurance provider to fill my Rxs. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I STILL get calls all the time–every day!! It’s almost comical that they robot making the call now greets me as Holly “do not call” Gambill. What a joke of a money-grabbing corporation!!

  43. I think everyone, including CVS, fails to realize that one must Opt In to receiving these annoying calls, and not be forced to Opt Out. Why can I not find a simple choice to not receive calls when i log into my CVS account? Why am I forced to make two phone calls? I plan to report the next call that comes in to my phone number that is on the National Do Not Call Registry as a violation, and fines, when i last checked, start at $11,000 per call. If anyone else has a phone number on the National DNC Registry, report the calls after you have given CVS 30 days to remove you from their call list.

  44. I work at CVS pharmacy and trust me, we hate making those calls as much as you guys hate getting them
    Unfortunately, opting out of calls will also mean that you won’t get calls for the important stuff like out of stock situations or if you’re not being covered by your primary insurance or insurance needs to be updated
    In order to stop those annoying refill reminders or adherence/script sync offers, call the corporate offices and let them know you don’t want any adherence calls or regulatory reminders and that you only want the necessary calls
    Personally, I think the calls are not necessary (if they really needed refills, they’d call us and have it filled.) And annoy the customers into opting out of important calls we need to make. (Like I said, out of stock situations, prior authorizations, insurance issues, etc.)
    Also, the technicians or pharmacists, truly have no control over it and those calls are something we are required to do by the company.

  45. I’ve had it with CVS’ calls. I’m currently living in Hong Kong, so as you can imagine, the calls to my US cell phone, which rings here, arrive when I’m sleeping. Everyone else knows not to call me.

    I tried opting out, but that didn’t work. Or rather, it worked for a few months, but now the calls telling me that it’s time to refill a prescription have started again.

    Now I’ve changed my registered phone number in CVS’ system to another CVS store in another state. Let them get their own calls.

  46. This service is not about helping customers. It’s about CVS making money. I have opted out of reminder calls several times and still receive them. 1-800-746-7287 I yelled and the computer didn’t understand me. Got a human that said she removed my number from future calls. Found several places online that speak of customer frustration about this program. Some of my medications will not allow me to opt out of refill services unless i speak with the pharmacist. then after that release I can archive my old meds and stop this insanity. Some current medications that I don’t need to refill every time are more difficult to remove form the system than others. I would switch pharmacy’s but this one is conveniently located.

  47. Thank you for posting this article. I absolutely hate CVS but my insurance company has a deal with them so i have to deal with them. They truly (insert bad word here). Both numbers posted in the article work and you don’t need to talk to a human in either case or at least i didn’t… Thanks again

  48. OH MY GOD THANK YOU! Almost every day CVS was calling me to remind me that a refill (which I didn’t request) was ready. Both of these numbers worked. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  49. Thank you for this information. I only use CVS once a year, when visiting family in another state where it’s the only pharmacy close by. These calls drive me CRAZY! I have asked NUMEROUS times to be removed, and it works for a few months, then they pick me up again, somehow.

    Oh- and it should be noted the human contact version ONLY works M-F during their business hours.

  50. Thank you!!!! I got a new # in October of 2015 and every week/sometimes daily I’ve been getting these calls for someone that their prescription is ready. You would think after 9 months CVS would realize…..this person is not coming.

  51. Most phone systems today can block numbers. I used to get these annoying calls from Walgreens regularly. I simply blocked the number. It’s been many months and so far I have not been bothered by these unwanted and unrequested calls!

  52. Thank you!! It was easy to stop the calls (at least it was easy to tell the computer to stop them), but without your blog I never would have figured out how to do it. The calls were driving me crazy.

  53. I’m on vacation so don’t want to refill my presc now and I get this damn call twice a day. Funny thing is if I DO renew it via CVS when I get there all I get is blank looks. Every time. I have to have my doctors office call it over every single time.

  54. THANK YOU!!!

    Apparently that comment is too short. So, here is some random crap to make it long enough. Maybe.

  55. Thank you! I have been getting around fifteen calls a month, some of them regarding an allergy prescription I only filled once. It gets to a point where it’s like harassment.

  56. 8:30 am – 7:30pm ET M-F is their current business hours.

    Opt out of reminders usually doesn’t get heard, just keep pressing 0 to speak with an agent

  57. Today the woman in front of me said her calls from CVS are a real nuisance…. They won’t stop calling. The tech said they get numerous examples calls every day with people asking the pharmacy to remove them from the list. They can’t do it for us,but imagine all the time lost answering these calls. Can’t imagine it brings in enough business to justify the method. I went on the website on my IPad, impossible to cancel the annoying calls. I called on the line suggested above, what a pain! They shouldn’t make it so difficult to opt out.

  58. Thank you for providing 1-866-514-4965 to opt out of prescription reminder calls. A text message is much more convenient – and less annoying. Thank you!

  59. I called and stopped the calls and now I am in Europe and they are calling again repeatedly — each of these calls goes to voicemail and costs me big bucks. We had one last year where their autodialer didn’t turn off the call (even though we didn’t answer — since they come in at 3 am); that call cost about $40. I am about to stop using CVS for my prescriptions due to this. I have done what they tell me to do and yet they restart the annoying calls after I turn them off.

  60. The firs number works ( 1-866-514-4965). Thank you so much for posting it. I used to get calls everyday at my job for the indivudial I replaced. It was extremely annoying getting calls every day…from CVS…for someone else!

  61. @Adrianne – I changed pharmacies back to Walgreens because of CVS’s underhanded practices. They continued to call and would leave messages for ” my name ‘do not call.'” Several times when I went to pick up a prescription they had filled others not requested. Once they even went so far as to call my Dr office to request a refill on an expired medication I didn’t request. They use these tactics to make extra money from those who don’t speak up and refuse to pay for things not ordered. I’ll never use CVS again!!

  62. 866-514-4965 is not a # for CVS. The second # provided is the toll free CVS line. It was very simple to opt out, no yelling in to the phone was required. Don’t know why people feel the need to use this link to bash CVS. Sad to say, I guess it’s just human nature. CVS is the only local pharmacy who gets the billing correct for our grandson, who has a primary and secondary source of insurance. They’ll keep our business. Just don’t need reminders of Rx refills or pick-up.

  63. CVS text reminders are useless and annoying. Two times in the past week, CVS has sent a text to me about the same prescription to be refilled. Both times I responded “yes”. Both times the prescription is not refilled even days later. The problem is that you do not refill via telephone believing that the text message resolves it and then you’re out of your prescription after multiple trips to the store. Recommendation:Opt out!

  64. Thank you! These are so annoying. I have stopped them before, and they still start sending them again. This time I went to both numbers you provided, however i had to scream as loud as possible to get their voice system to understand me.

    See if this works now. Thanks!

  65. This has been an ongoing problem for me too. Today, I finally blocked their phone number. Not sure if it will work, but fingers are crossed.

  66. Thank you for this info! I’ll wait and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, I’ll use Kathy’s idea and block their number! Thanks again to all.

  67. Thanks for the phone number to remove me from automated calls. It worked. I actually like CVS pharmacy. One just opened up across the street from me, and the phermacy staff call me by my first name now. They are very friendly and competent.

  68. Make sure to also report them to the FCC if they continue to call you or if you didn’t sign up for calls in the first place.

  69. I called in two prescription’s 3 days ago and one had asked if I wanted CVS to call my doctor to renew, I said yes and automation said they would call when it was ready. They called on Friday and said it was ready for pick up. I went to pick up on Saturday and only one script was ready. Why they bother calling if the whole order is not ready is beyond me. Sign me spitting nails!

  70. Thank you! These CVS auto calls were driving me crazy. The one good thing to come out of it was that I no longer use CVS.

  71. Please note: once you remove yourself from the list and then go and fill another prescription, they will automatically put you back on the list!

    Pro tip: Don’t use CVS!

  72. Thank you! The calls were coming everyday twice a day. Ridiculous; never signed up for any reminder programs. I am very capable to maintain my own order of my own stuff, thank you. I feel sorry for the confusion this systems causes to some of our seniors.

  73. The more I think of this the more I realize just how much CVS is a part of our national drug / opioid epidemic. I opted out of all calls a couple of years ago. This past week, out of the blue, I began receiving calls for a refill being ready. Only issue is that I never ordered a refill, and in fact my doc is taking me off the eye drops because the drug manufacturer failed to disclose that one of its side effects is memory loss. The drug maker still denies that they have any reports of memory loss even though there are pages of complaints when you google the eye drop and memory loss. If CVS really cared about people as opposed to caring about $$$, they would make it a point to inform everyone picking up the drops that they can result in memory loss, and give the specific statistics, which are available, as to how many cases exist for men and how many for women in a number of different age groups.

    I believe it is time to file a class action lawsuit against CVS, and time to have the FDA investigate them for “pushing” drugs. They are no more than a modern-day drug lord.

  74. Could I ask what type of eye drops you were on? I have been on Latanoprost eye drops for a few years was wondering if they were one and the same. @Lee

    1. that was I was thinking! just give them a fake phone # when they ask!!! These calls are beyond annoying but my insurance will only cover CVS :(((

  75. If you want the quick way. After getting the Compuetr press the Operator Button many times.Then a person will answer the phone.Stetn the Cals have become a nuisance and are creating panic at your home and you demand they stop immediately. Then demand a reference number to have as proof they actually did take your number off of the do not call list. They will lie and say your number is not on the list. Make sure to tell the person this is the number I want on the do not call list. I do not want any further calls whatsover.

  76. Thanks, Marc, these calls are so annoying I was about to take my prescriptions to Costco. I don’t need CVS to tell me when I need to refill a prescription, I can just look and see the pill bottle.

  77. I’ve had to opt out 3 times; each time I fill a prescription, I get put back on. I’ve intentionally opted out of automatic refills just to try to curb the calls but now a real person has started to call me to tell me I’m past due for a refill! My doctor took me off the med; I think I’m quite capable of managing my own health care; I realize some people aren’t but this is getting ridiculous. I hope I never have to use CVS again.

  78. Searched for CVS automated calls how to stop them came here, thanks you so much for the info, I called both numbers to opt-out, I still don’t know where they got my number. Let’s see what happens. Thankfully the calls from the same number, so I’ve blocked them on my phone (iOS) just in case so at least there’s another layer of protection too.

  79. Put me down as another 70+-year-old who amazingly can figure out for himself when he wants to refill a prescription. I have gone through the removal process twice so far…wouldn’t it be wonderful if it worked!

  80. Thanks for the opt-out number! Some of us aren’t pill-popping hypochondriacs and are able to order medications onky when needed – not when drug stores want us to.

  81. want to be taken off call list .. we do not live in CT. and are home In AZ they keep calling and I can not stop them because of the time change it is a pain

  82. I called both numbers as soon as I found this page. The calls went from once a day to once every few days now and I am STILLL getting calls from the pharmacy itself. I’m so frustrated that they are STILL calling me over vitamin D pills!! I live in southern california where there is sunshine wtf does a 20 something need with MORE vitamin D pills?!?! And I am at an age where I can remember just fine thank you. I already left a message with corporate who is of course not listening. If anyone gets the contact info of anyone at corporate please post it here so we can give them a piece of our minds.

  83. Almost every day we are receving a call from CVS for a flue alert. I just called them and had our number removed.

  84. I forgot to tell my doctor that I wanted to switch pharmacies, so they called a prescription into CVS. Only CVS wouldn’t release the prescription to me because they said there was a problem with my insurance. Now I continue to get calls that there is a prescription ready for pick up (I’ve opted out via the phone numbers in the past) even though they won’t let me pick it up! Transferred the prescription to another pharmacy who filled it without issue and I picked it up with no problem. No more calls! Problem solved.

  85. I would not mind one call when prescription is ready, but this is Sunday and I have called 3 times before noon. Called # but had to hang up after 12 minute hold. The one call would be helpful, but so many calls every day is a nuisance and interrupts sleep, research, family time, Church, class, etc.

  86. When you pick up a subscription at CVS and sign the screen, you automatically sign yourself up for reminders. Scroll down the page and you will find the entry. You can ask them to remove it, but they can be very difficult in cooperating with you when you ask them. Needless to say, I switched to a local pharmacy.

  87. Thank you so much for this post! It’s the first thing that came up when I searched on Google for opting out of these annoying calls.

  88. I opted out over a month ago, still getting calls. About to take this up the next level, maybe a call to my Atty General.

  89. Thank you for the numbers. I have one prescription with CVS which I fill every month. They have called me 12 times in the 4 days since I filled it. Ridiculous. Going to switch pharmacies.

  90. CVS is really annoying with their almost daily reminder calls to have them auto refill my prescriptions. I placed them on my phone’s block call list.

    Then I found their 800-746-7287 to opt out of calls. Done. But, I’m still going to keep them in my blocked list.

    Additionally annoying is, when I submit a feedback/complaint/suggestion on their webpage and it asks how I would like them to reply and I answer “by e-mail”, they just keep calling and calling and calling. Now that’s I have my CVS store on my blocked list, they’re forced to actually send me an e-mail rather than call me… Peace at last.

  91. your automated calls are driving me nuts all hours of day night I know when my scripts are needed and when to pick them up, you’ve even filled some I have been taken off of, and I had to return.

  92. THANK YOU! It shouldn’t take a blog post from a random internet person to stop this harassment. But thanks anyway.

  93. Yes, or *7* years for them to take the hint…

    I finally gave them the boot and I haven’t been pestered since.

  94. I’ve tried calling that 866 number many times today all I got was :
    “Your call did not go through” or a Busy Signal.
    I received the same number from the CVS Pharmacist earlier today.

  95. I work second shift from three oclock until eleven oclock and it is very irritable to get phone calls at nine thirty in the morning about a prescription being ready i have tried to create a account and i did but it did not give me a option to put the time in to get calls from CVS.

  96. Simple text NOCALLS to the CVS number that CVS used to send your phone texts. Also, text STOP to stop all texts from CVS.

  97. The 800 number still works (I don’t think the 866 number does), but when you get to the point where the machine has understood you about opting out of calls it tells you that system is down and puts you on hold for a human being. The human being may or may not try to make an account for you, get your extracare card number, home address, etc. (not necessary) but will eventually agree to opt you out with only your phone number.

  98. Chris, I feel your pain. I always call them up just before I have to pick up my scripts to make sure they are ALL READY! I refuse to pick up only 2 if there are 3 scripts I needed refilled.

  99. Thanks for this article; I found it while looking for how to disable the calls, which all now seem automated.

    Luckily, I have Ooma for my home phone, so I’m just blocking that number and sending it to voicemail. I once got a call from a human at the store, otherwise I’d block it and have it ring continuously.

  100. I too was beyond exacerbation with the calls to the point that I blocked them! Is the “corporate office” aware of this discomfort it’s imposing on its customers? Are they not shooting themselves in the foot?? I’ve been trying, intermittently, for a few yrs to rid my household of their disruptive calls….let’s hope this suggested no.# does the job. I did call…got an automated voice, and it responded positively!…which pleased me…it also makes me suspect : )……well, we’ll see!! Tune in!

    1. Is the “corporate office” aware of this discomfort it’s imposing on its customers?

      M.Mulvey, you can try what I did and “fire“ them. In my case I moved my business to Publix since it was obvious that CVS was not concerned with annoying me to no end like that. Certainly if enough people speak with their wallets, CVS will ultimately start to listen.


  101. My wife swears she and said stop calling but CVS continues to call.
    They call my home phone (yes, still have one) and my ISP has a Block Caller feature — consider using that. Or of course your iPhone has a Block Caller feature too.
    You can also **EMAIL** CVS to opt out of calls according to their Privacy Policy below. Whether that actually works is another question…
    From Telephone, Text and Fax Policy
    By providing your residential or wireless phone and/or fax number(s) to CVS, you expressly consent to receive marketing and non-marketing autodialed and/or prerecorded calls, text messages and faxes (including fax advertisements) from or on behalf of CVS at the number(s) provided. Your consent to receive calls or texts on your wireless device is not a condition of any purchase. Consent may be revoked at any time by calling the toll-free number at 1-800-SHOPCVS or faxing your opt-out request to 1-401-652-0893. You may also send an opt-out request via email to with the phone and/or fax number you wish to opt-out. Your wireless carrier’s standard message and data rates may apply.

  102. THANK YOU!! What was so annoying about receiving those reminder calls is that I NEVER had a prescription filled with CVS – – apparently a previous owner of my phone # did, and didn’t bother to update their information with CVS.

  103. CVS is the absolute worst with this. I finally got them to stop with the calls, but now they TEXT me every. damn. day.

    Today I finally broke and said “I want to find out who thought this was a good idea and beat them.” I am in the process of changing pharmacies today. I now don’t care if I have to drive further to get my prescriptions.. I will.

  104. My CVS isn’t content with reminder calls – they’re straight up calling my doctor’s office for renewals on medicines I no longer take and filling them. In the past 3 days they’ve automatically filled 2 such prescriptions despite several phone calls asking them to stop, and being given assurance that they would.

    When I called 2 days ago, the staff member I spoke to said, “this is disabled, why did we fill this? I’m putting it back and putting a note in your file to only fill if you call first”. Then today, got another call “your prescription is ready for pickup” for yet another medication I no longer take.

    It’s a good thing I know what I’m supposed to take and not!

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