2012 Home Renovations – Part 11 – Second round of cement pour completed

The forms are up and the upright portions of the lanai and the driveway retaining walls were poured today.

From the current lanai

In the picture below, if you look on the left side of the pool closest to us and at the far end, on the left side of the pool wall facing us, you can see the fittings for the heated water outlet and inlet respectively.

Originally the heating was supposed to be integrated into the filtration unit. But the distance we are mounting the heater away from the pool meant that the filter pump would need to be on high all the time to circulate the water through the plumbing even when the heater was not being used. It was more cost effective (and will be quieter) to split out the two systems and use a separate  booster pump to circulate water through the heating system only when it is needed and then use the iAqualink system to tie everything together.

The driveway retaining wall looks like nothing so much as a fortress bulwark. I’m very glad our neighbor is on board with this project.

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