2012 Home Renovations – Part 05 – Digging the trench for the retaining wall footer

The rain forecast for the next few days doesn’t look very promising, some variation on “Thunderstorms” is being promised through until Sunday. It rained last night so things are pretty sloppy outside now.

The most substantial change is the trench for the footer for the retaining wall

There was a fair amount of work done in terms of preparing the site for the drainage that we are going to need. Including removing the wooden planters that had been up against the house.

And silt fences all around

Note the growing pile of dirt in the front yard – we have plans for this. Originally we were going to have somewhere between 20-50 dump truck loads to take away. So far we have had only 3 to remove the non-reusable stuff that’s been pulled out.

We now have ZERO grass in the back yard. With the rain all that red Georgia clay has become pretty slick and tenaciously stuck to anything that has come near to it!

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