Warning regarding purchasing golf balls from Knetgolf.com

*Updated 2011.10.22*

A couple of days ago I received a package from Knetgolf with a dozen replacement balls. They arrived unannounced (except for the note from UPS regarding the impending shipment). So I had no idea what, if anything Knetgolf was going to do regarding my order.  I’m a little surprised they didn’t shoot me a quick email to tell me their intentions but I do give them kudos for making things right.

*End Update*

For myself, I’m fine with plain old white golf balls. Now that I’m a bit older I usually buy my balls new as I do see a difference between those and balls that have been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a month.

Michelle has concerns other than performance in mind for her golf balls and so I was tasked with getting her a some PURPLE golf balls.

I eventually found a place that sold reconditioned purple balls (don’t tell her they’re not new) for a reasonable price from knetgolf.com and ordered two dozen.

The balls were delayed in getting to us by a day, UPS noted that this was because the label was unreadable.

When we received the balls the following day, I could see the issue. The label had been destroyed and the box obviously ripped open and taped shut again.

Inside, one dozen of the balls were fine. The other dozen had their little mesh bag ripped open and was actually missing one of the balls. Of those remaining 5 of them look like they had been dragged across some surface hard enough to scrape the shell down so they are smooth in a patch on one side.

Sending a note to Knetgolf’s order confirmation address with a couple of pictures had them respond by asking me to resend the pictures to their help desk. I never heard back.

About a week later they sent me an automated survey email asking how they did. To this I relayed the same story as above and never heard anything back either.

The value of the balls is not enough for me to get worked up about. But the pretense at customer service with absolutely no follow through was irksome.

So I post this warning. I’m sure the fault for this lies in UPS’ court, but it’s up to the vendor to deal with any issues with their carrier. Of course I won’t be patronizing knetgolf again and, if you are thinking of doing so, you should consider this anecdote with respect to their customer service.

2 thoughts on “Warning regarding purchasing golf balls from Knetgolf.com”

  1. i also have a problem with them. I ordered some nike balls @ what I thought was $12.99 a dozen. They shipped me half dozens at that price. I have been back at them 5 or 6 times and their general manager keeps lying to me about the price of the balls. he first said the balls were $50.00 an dozen retail even thogh he now has the same balls for sale at $12.00 A DOZEN. When I questioned him about this he said that these balls I ordered were mints not 1st grade. So the difference between 1st grade and mint is #1.00 a ball more…I don’t think so. All I asked was for them to admit they made a mistake and make good on the order. He said he would give me a $20.00 credit to go away.
    I wonder just how much business this guy has cost the company over the years, he certainly is no business person.

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