SunTrust joining the Evil League of Bank of America?

Hmmm… just saw that SunTrust has decided to try charging me a $9.95 monthly fee. No notification, no warning, it’s just there on my Quicken transaction list.

If you have a SunTrust account check and make sure they are not pulling a fast one on you too.

This sort of thing I’d expect from BofA, they exist solely to screw over their customers, but I’m very surprised to see this sort of sneakiness from SunTrust.

** Followup ** 5/9/2011

I spoke to a manager at the PC Banking service center and we got this straightened out.

Apparently there was a “sweep” done of all existing accounts to find ones that weren’t being charged but should have been. It *does* worry me somewhat that my bank is starting to look for sources of income like this.
Stand strong SunTrust! Nickel and Diming is BofA’s strategy. You’ve stood apart by being much more customer centric than other banks in my experience. Please don’t let that focus slip!

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** Followup ** 5/14/2011

Huh, turns out they lied. Just checked my account and nothing was done. I’ll need to follow up during the week. Thank you SunTrust for wasting my time like this.
If I do not get satisfaction I will switch over to a local credit union. You’d think the banks would try harder in this day and age…

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** Followup ** 5/18/2011

Called the Personal Banking number (1-800-786-8787) yesterday and found that there were notes on my account but they hadn’t been acted upon.
This was dealt with and this morning I see that all looks well. Hopefully I won’t have to revisit this.

** End Followup **

2 thoughts on “SunTrust joining the Evil League of Bank of America?”

  1. No surprise that another bank enforces a way to take, take, take. Would be more tolerable if they still paid that thing called interest. And no notification. Nor justification probably. Just like Big Oil. Makes me sick when they’re so friggin’ proud of themselves for increased profits.
    The older generations knew better – use The Bank of Under-the-Mattress!

  2. They also changed their policy on free-checking. You have to either have direct deposit or you have to have a minimum of 500 in your account, I think. Anyway, they used to have free-checking. Now they don’t.

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