Orville is Back and Bursting!

I had to wait until I’d gone through the different popcorn types that I was experimenting with until I took advantage of the coupons sent to me by the folks at ConAgra Foods.

If you’ll recall I was somewhat nonplussed by what I considered to be some rather unenthusiastic batches of Orville Redenbacher popcorn.

So we set up the popper and waited with bated breath for the kernels to start popping and… it was like joyous music. Really. It  was the popcorn equivalent of  Handel’s Messiah as performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – in my head at least.

Each kernel gloriously popping to its fullest and filling the container with mouth watering morsels that will be elevated to the highest taste pinnacles with the aid of melted, salted butter and white cheddar topping.

It’s a small thing but important (to me at least) and I’m pleased that my faith in Orville has been preserved.


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