But would Rob and Laura Petrie approve?

It’s truly amazing to watch the ongoing evolution of our culture.

One of the earlier TV shows I used to enjoy was “The Dick Van Dyke Show” which went out production about a year after I was born. In those days (on TV at least) a married couple would be seen to have separate twin beds and, if they dared to be on the bed together, it seemed they always had to have at least one foot on the ground.

There have been so many breakthroughs over the years, from finally admitting that women could be pregnant to allowing that maybe grown ups behaved.. well… like grown ups. At least in the privacy of their own homes.

Taryn Southern is an up-and-coming so-called “webutant” (or “webutante” depending how you want to spin it..) who is continuing to push the bounds of what we would consider acceptable in video media. I first took note of her when “Wrong Hole” made its debut about a year ago. She had already started to rack up a competent resume prior to that and her career has exploded since then.

Why do I care? I appreciate folks trying new things and experimenting with societal temperament. I also like entertainment geared toward adults – with language, subject matter and visuals that don’t patronize the audience. I also appreciate talented folks doing all of the above. I hope to hear more of her great voice in future projects.

Also, I’m a guy and I’m not dead.

This remix is, IMHO, a couple of notches above the original

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