Beware Amazon Price Watch

I love I do a LOT of my shopping there. Anything from my TV to my rowing machine to filters for my furnace I purchase through Amazon.

Anybody who has dealt with Amazon knows that prices tend to fluctuate rather a lot.

Recently I was opining that Amazon’s kindle book prices should not be greater than those for new hardcopy books. So I set about looking for some kind of price watch tool that could alert me when ANY Amazon price changes, I was specifically interested in finding a tool that could track Kindle book prices as well.

This turns out to be pretty hard to find.

In my travels I elected to install a piece of [expletive deleted] software from called “Amazon Price Watcher”. I found the software on CNet which is usually a pretty reliable source of safe software.

Right away, after installing it, I wasn’t impressed with the interface. It really wasn’t clear how it did what it was supposed to do and there was no useful help at all.

The clincher is that the uninstall – when you find it in the program files folder – doesn’t really uninstall everything. I ended up manually going through the registry to get this hunk of junk off my system.

I had already pointed it to my wish list (public wishlist) so it had already absorbed some of my current items of interest.  So for the past week I’ve been receiving daily emails from telling me about one item that seems to drop by about 2 cents a day.

The *only* way, according to the email, to stop the emails is to reinstall the software and then change my watches. There is an intimation that the watch my expire on July 21 so that may ultimately stop the messages.

Of course I don’t feel comfortable with that software so it’s not going back on my machine so I’ll be spamming the incoming emails in the interim.

I just wanted to post this in case anybody is smarter than I am and searches teh intertubes for some opinions on Amazon Price Watch before installing.

I’ll say it again to be clear. I do not like “Amazon Price Watch” by, the interface is confusing, the help is terrible and it doesn’t uninstall right.


3 thoughts on “Beware Amazon Price Watch”

  1. We are very sorry that you have problem with our software. We like to work with you to solve any problem you have. According to “So for the past week I’ve been receiving daily emails from telling me about one item that seems to drop by about 2 cents a day”, you can set the minimum threshold that trigger the email, although default is 1 cent. And unfortunately Amazon keep changing their prices frequently. In the order day when Post order price guarantee exists, we want to notify users about any price drops ASAP. To bad that policy is gone. About uninstallation, you should be able to fully uninstall without problem. If it doesn’t, it must be a bug. We are not building spy ware. Last, about unsubscribe the emails, you can delete all your watch in the tools, but if for any reason you don’t want to reinstall, just send us an email and we can delete all your jobs manually. Besides, we are looking into put a link into the email so that you can delete watch jobs.

    Again, we are very sorry that you have problems with our software. Please contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations. Thanks.

  2. – Thanks for your offer. I believe the last alert expired by the end of July so I am good now.

    Adding that link to the email to allow folks to at least terminate the alerts would be a prudent idea. The last thing someone wants to do after uninstalling an application is to *reinstall* it to do that kind of housekeeping.

  3. I Did Install the software through Cnet just like you did , but the interface and the demand for my email were red flags , and I didn’t provide my email or my amazon Information , and I’m about to delete the software , thanks maaan

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