The little things in life – Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Mix

It’s been getting harder and harder lately to find Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Mix. I could wax all poetic about how it is the best out there but this blog entry does a great job of it.

So, as I approach the mid-point of my current container, I put on the grocery list to pick up some more. Michelle came home yesterday and mentioned that our local Publix does not have any. “No Worries”  I say, “I’ll just check on line to see where it can be found or maybe even ordered.”.

These folks kind of describe my feelings here. Only since this was over a year ago, I think my own quest will be in vain. I’m going to put out a feeler to my friends in Canada in case Hershey’s up there is not quite so cruel, but you can only carry so much of this stuff on a plane.

One of the great things about living in this day and age is that you can see new wonders appear on virtually a daily basis. I remember when Sony Walkmans were a groundbreaking idea and now we have solid state devices that can hold many orders of magnitude more entertainment and last many times longer on a charge (or set of batteries back then).

The downside of this is that, where folks of the previous generation may have been able to rely on products and institutions remaining virtually unchanged for their entire lives, I find that I have to continue to rethink things that I heretofore regarded as sacrosanct.

Something as innocuous as chocolate milk mix is only unimportant if you’re satisfied with it. There are plenty of options out there that I tried in years gone by. Quik was more sugar than chocolate, the syrups just don’t seem to blend all that well so you end up with gobs and hunks floating around in your cup. Only the finely powdered Hershey’s Mix with it’s pleasing chocolate-to-sugar ratio made the cut.

So, I have a can of ovaltine here – what I regard as “The Shawshank Redemption” of chocolate powders since, like the move, the product name does nothing to enlighten you as to it’s purpose – that I will be sampling shortly.

Can you think of a product that you use regularly that you don’t even think about that would cause you to stumble and have to rethink and reevaluate a bunch of different options before you were comfortable again? It can be anything from toothpaste to a brand of flour or detergent to that motor oil that you use whenever you overhaul your motorcycle engine.

One thought on “The little things in life – Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Mix”

  1. …I have had the same problem – finding Hershey’s milk chocolate powder…and it’s not to be found.
    Had both Hershey’s and Ovaltine for some time and it was clear to me, that Hershey’s was superior.
    So I tried again, at Food for Less here in Los Angeles, but found no Hershey’s. – I checked what was there and there were a couple of choices, but the price differences were huge. – I discovered Kroger’s alternative – the price was way less per ounce…so I got it.
    Have not tried it yet, but I did open the container (cylindrical) to see what it was like – it reminded me of Ovaltine.
    I hope it’s good – do not consume that much milk chocolate, but like to have it around for this or that – sometimes a tad in my coffee…
    And that’s all I have to say about that…
    LA, CA

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