Megabus first experience not so great

** updated March 5, 2010 **
The refund came through on my credit card.

Michelle made the return trip on Megabus and was quite impressed. The bus was a modern double decker and was clean and pleasant. I think we’ll use the service again but we’ll just keep a very watchful eye on the weather and call them for updates before we get to the airport in the future. Do not trust that they will contact you if there are scheduling issues.
** end March 5, 2010 update **
** updated February 25, 2010 **
While I was crafting this entry I received notification of the refund for my original ticket price one way. So they were true to their word on that front.
** end February 25, 2010 update **

Nearly a month ago we arranged for Michelle to head up to Canada to visit her sister. As usual the airfare to fly directly into Toronto could only be described as “bend over and take it until you collapse”, so we booked an Airtran flight with a bus trip to Toronto using MegaBus.

Michelle arrived at Buffalo international airport early this evening in good time for her bus and then proceeded to wait.. and wait.. She wasn’t alone, there were another half dozen folks waiting with her. When the promised 7:45 pm bus didn’t show up she called me and I got on it.

I first called their contact us number (1-877-462-6342 per the website) and was informed that all buses had been canceled for the entire day due to weather. The guy I spoke with seemed rather surprised that we hadn’t been alerted.

I quickly checked the weather and saw that there actually was an advisory that we were not aware of, it certainly didn’t affect her flight.

The guy at 1-877-462-6342 told me that I could contact 773-890-6342 or (which I later found was an email address rather than a web site).

Calling that number got me put on hold and then eventually I was offered the option, if my call was regarding ongoing service disruptions to speak to a dispatcher. What I got was a lady (with loud laughing and raucous people in the background) who was somewhat confused that I was talking to her and she gave me the number of the New Jersey dispatch office (908-282-7420).

At *that* number I spoke with someone who knew what was going on who contacted the megabus dispatching office in Canada and determined that there would be NO service between there and Buffalo tonight.

She further determined that Coach Canada *was* running service and that we could likely get on one of their buses. At first she offered that, if we could get a Coach Canada ticket and keep the receipt, they would be willing to reimburse is, then she backed off and offered to refund the original ticket price saying that I could send a note to to explain what had occurred and that they might be able to work something out with us.

She also provided me with the Coach Canada phone number (1-800-644-5197 ext 1) .

So I called Michelle back to see where things stood for her before making any arrangements and found that she, and the other stranded passengers had managed to purchase tickets on the Coach Canada bus that had been sitting there at the airport while they were waiting for their Megabus.

So I’m going to send this story to Megabus and see what they say. I’ll update this post with any response. But my main points are:

  1. We were never contacted regarding the outage. I had given them MY contact information as anybody who knows me also knows that I am VERY reachable via the web and phone. Had we suspected an issue we would have made arrangements many hours earlier.
  2. Looking at my reservation screen below which I captured at about 35 minutes *after* departure there is still no indication of an issue with the reservation even though apparently ALL buses had been canceled.
  3. I’m surprised that there is no agreement between the bus companies or that Megabus does not have any facility for ensuring that stranded passengers are handled. The new ticket was about twice as expensive as the original and, had Michelle had to wait overnight that would have been that much MORE expensive.
  4. I’m further surprised that they wouldn’t run their buses while Coach Canada didn’t seem to have an issue continuing to service their routes.

What do I want from Megabus?

  1. An acknowledgment that they screwed up the notifications and maybe some assurances that they have maybe done something to correct that issue.
  2. Obviously I want the ticket refunded. I think it would be a nice gesture if they went the extra distance and reimbursed us for the extra ticket cost too. But the amount of money is not huge.

Anyway, I passed their contact information on to Michelle so that the other passengers could make whatever arrangements they may and she is now en route to Toronto and will arrive only a couple of hours later than planned.

I post this so others can know about our experience. If it’s an isolated incident then this post will get lost in the shuffle, if it’s a regular occurrence then my voice will be added to others who may choose to post as well.

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  1. i left a light brown suitcase in megabus it is a small suitcase containing a beige dress
    camera money white blouse knive underwears note book ect the bus left dc at 1:30 pm and arrive to new york at 8:45pm i alredy left my information at 7th ave and 30th street no one has called me yet it was monday 11th my cell#is 347-330-2258 and my email is my adress i 218-15 118th ave queens new york 11411
    thank you beatrice Calixte-cox

  2. I was also stranded by megabus this weekend. I found their customer service wholly unsatisfactory. It was also a case where I was able to get on Greyhound (their buses were running) and get home at a much higher price. Though the service seems convenient, it is not so if the buses don’t run.

  3. I took the Megabus to State College last friday and found the trip excellent. On the way back the bus was an hour late getting to State College from New York due to bad weather. I understand this.
    My only comment is that I was told by someone (don’t even know who) the there was a number to call if there is a delay or it can be followed on the internet. The only number I could find was for an automated information and not what I needed. I would have liked to have had that hour with my family instead of sitting in a parking lot waiting, not knowing when the bus may show.
    Is there a number or or website to acquire this information before you are sitting in a parking lot waiting? THank you.

  4. My son took the mega bus on December 16 from Columbia Mo to Chicago.The bus was due to arrive in Chicago at 9:40,but it did not come until almost 11:00pm.I arrived to pick my son up at 9:40,but I had to sit in my car for over an hour and run my car and waste my gas because the bus was not there yet.I called customer service before I left to pick him up and they confirmed the time also.I feel I should be a refund for my wasted gas and time.My number is 773-503-7273.

  5. Thursday evening June 7,2012 I was on time for the 4:00 departure if the megabus which was over an hour behind, n that left me n my two sons standing in the hot son bc the megabus stop is n a parking lot. Then we arrive in chicago an hour late which I had to catch a cab and get a hotel bc my ride was already asleep so I feel this trip cost me a lot of uneccessary money that I feel I should b reimbursed for at least some tickets r something

  6. Good afternoon. My name is Gloria Anderson. I called your #877-462-6342 and booked a trip from Atlanta, GA., to Washington, DC. I spoke with a gentleman who was not quite knowledgeable concerning the schedules and booked me on a Megabus from Atlanta, Ga., to Charlotte, NC. Upon getting on the bus I found out that I was booked wrong. I made it to Charlotte,NC ok, but found out that the reservation given to me from Charlotte, NC, was actually a reservation from Charlotte, Nc back to Atlanta, GA. I called the reservation number back to complain that this is an inconvience to me for I had a pickup to arrive for me in Washington, DC at 9:30pm. I spoke with a supervisor named Angie, and then Stephanie. I was told that, in so many words, it was my fault. How can that be when I wrote down everything that was told me and read it back to the operator. This is not fair. Not only am I inconvienced, but two others as well. This is my first time going through such unconcern due to Megabus’ mistake. I was told that I would receive nothing, not even a courtesy ride re-embursed to me for having to wait eight hours, and travel until 6am the next morning. I am 60 years old and don’t feel that this is a good situation for me. I purchased two tickets, therefore, someone else is inconvienced as well. I am traveling with my brother, who I am a caretaker for. This is not good. I am asking for a courtesy ride on Megabus for my headache. Please contact me at 571-244-5301 or Thank you.

  7. I took a bus from NYC to Phila and got off at the first stop 6th and Market. The driver could not find my suitcase as it was put in the wrong compartment. He refused to look for it there and forced me back on the bus to the next stop where of course he found my suitcase. I had to take a subway back to where I was to get off. The driver was mean and yelling and obnoxious. I will not be taking Megabus again.

  8. My 16 year old daughter ran away from home on July 30th 2012. Her sex offender lesbian friend paid for her ticket. My daughter boarded the Megabus with no questions asked and went to Minnesota. After explaining what and how did this happen with a policy written and posted by Megabus/coach USA that a minor cannot ride the bus alone,that you have to be 18 and over to ride the Megabus. I was told by a Midwest director Matt eggert, that the drivers for the Megabus does not ask for ID, if they THINK/FEEL that the passenger is old enough. WOW! I then ask to speak with the president/CEO of coach/USA and was given her name only. Mr eggert refused to give me a contact number,voicemail,email nothing. When I asked him, are you refusing to give me the contact information for bryony e chamberlain, he right out told me know. Who wants to do business with a corporation like that. I will be contacting the media and anyone who will listen to get this out here, so the world can know about the Megabus. My daughter is still missing, authorities in Minnesota have been contacted. Megabus has some responsibility in this matter.

  9. To Whom it May Concern:

    I have enjoyed my first experience with Megabus in May of 2012 going to Atlanta, GA. The ride was pleasant and relaxing. I am scheduling my second trip with Megabus to New Orleans, we are leaving Charlotte, NC at 7:30 am arriving in Atlanta, GA at 11:45 am the connecting but to New Orleans is scheduled to leave at 12:00 pm. My concern is about the connecting bus from Atlanta to New Orleans. I have talked to a reservationist and she informed me that there is a possibility that if our bus is late that the connecting bus may leave early or they may leave as scheduled even if our bus is late. How much wait time will be given after the scheduled bus time for the bus that is late and connecting to the New Orleans bus. I and my company do not want to wait in Atlanta, GA for 12 hours until the next scheduled bus going to New Orleans. Could you please help us with this dire concern. Thank you, Ms. Parker

  10. My husband and I had to cancel a family reunion trip to Dallas Texas, because of my father who is very ill. We were looking forward to riding the megabus for the first time. We were leaving Aug.31,2012 and returning Sept. 3rd, is it possible that we can receive a refund? Thank you, Judy

  11. On Oct.26,12,my mother(mrs Hazel Davis)who is
    disability was treated with the utmost care and concern by Mr.Randy (the bus driver)
    getting on and off the bus.(10 am fr nola to
    atl)ON Nov. 27.12,the pass.checker was top
    shelf as well(11:59 fr atl-nola).It was by far
    our best trip.By the way i have a disability as well.(i am 65-my mom-86yrs old)thank you.(a happy and frequent rider.

  12. I called megabus on 9/07 /13 .Because I was having trouble changing my trip online, I could not get any help and I ask to talk to a supervisor and the supervisor would not talk to me . I am a megabus customer since january of this year. I had a real bad experience with megabus. I am hoping somebody can call me at 704-431-7498. So I can tell what other bad experience I had .

  13. I wrote the Megabus from Memphis Tennessee to Atlanta Georgia without any heat my feet were so cold that I had to get a hotel room for $169 just put them in warm waterI am extremely disappointedthere were also elderly people on the bus that were complaining about the heat but there was nothing doneI left MemphisFebruary 26

  14. My trip on megabus will be my last bus broke down three times driver was super rude threating passagers that he would tthrow them off the bus and or have them removed by police….I had heard a lot of good things but none have I seen….I hope others have better luck than me but I will never on there bus again. …..greyhound here I come

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