Quicken 2010 Deluxe R7 Warning

Just allowed Quicken to go ahead and apply an update bringing it from R5 to R7 and have found that my registers now no longer have a “balance” column.

To be more precise, the column is still there but it is blank. No title, no content.

At first I thought maybe the balances were off the screen so I restarted Quicken and tried running in full screen but neither inspiration worked.

I then tried to use the “pop out registers” option thinking that maybe the different approach to rendering them may help but that also did not correct things.

I’ll send an email to Quicken and see if they have any ideas.

But just a warning, if you use Quicken 2010 Deluxe, you probably want to put off applying the latest update until this issue has been resolved.

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  1. I sent a note to the Quicken Help desk but decided I didn’t want to wait. So I uninstalled Quicken and reinstalled from disk. But they automatically update the program during the install and you have only a small window to hit “cancel” to prevent the update.

    I went into my firewall and removed all Quicken and intuit references (needed cleaning out anyway). That plus quickly clicking away when the prompt to cancel came up now has me at “R1”. I’ll wait to hear back from the Quicken folks and see if I can get them to give me instructions to the current-minus-one release.

    Not holding my breath on that. But at least I can see my running balances again.

  2. I heard back from the Quicken folks and they suggest this workaround:

    Dear Marc Bourassa,

    Thank you for contacting Quicken Customer Care.

    Marc, we are aware of this issue and the same has been informed to the product development team. They are still researching on it and it will be resolved soon, however as a workaround, please follow the steps mentioned below to get the balance column.

    1. Open Quicken.
    2. Go to Account actions at the right top of the account register.
    3. Go to Sorting options >> By Date/Amount or By Date/Order entered.

    Please let us know if you require additional assistance.

    I’m just going to sit on this until they have another release but maybe it can help you?

  3. For some reason they sent me a second response, identical to the first to which I replied:

    Thank you for your response. I keep my registers sorted by the cleared indicator so that I can see exactly what is still outstanding against those accounts and because it makes it much easier to verify the account balance as reported by the institutions compared with my own records (the items that have not cleared don’t interfere with my total).

    I have uninstalled Quicken deluxe and reinstalled it with updates disabled.

    If you could provide me with a method for applying only the updates to bring me back to R5 I would appreciate it.

    Further, if you could let me know when the balance issue has been corrected I would also appreciate it.



  4. Thanks for posting the response from Intuit. I just upgraded from 2009 to 2010 and was sad to see the info not there. I thought that perhaps Intuit had chosen to “improve” the product by getting rid of the running total.

  5. I did a Google on Quicken Account Balance Column Blank. The first hit I get is from Intuit. One has to read between the lines, but it sounds like they did it on purpose, and then got a lot of complaints, and now they are intending on fixing it. I too sort by the Cleared column for the same reasons. I hope they fix it soon.

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