Searching in Lotus Notes

There are 3 ways you can search for items in Lotus Notes:

  • Make sure that the view you are in is sorted by the column you wish to search by (usually the leftmost column, otherwise the one with the highlighted arrow at the top)
    • Begin typing – i.e. if you are in your inbox and you click on the “Who” column, then start typing the name of someone in that view. A box will appear to capture the letters and when you hit enter you will jump to the first line beginning with those letters.
  • Hit Ctrl-F or press the binocular icon a the top of the screen (). This will bring up a dialog that lets you search anything you can SEE IN THAT VIEW. It will search on subjects, names, whatever you can see it can search.
  • Finally, clicking the Magnifying glass icon or clicking View > Search This View depending on your version of Lotus Notes, will allow you to search by any criteria within the documents (body of email, attachments, to, from, subject, etc.) This is called a “Full text search”.

3 thoughts on “Searching in Lotus Notes”

  1. So there’s no easy way to use operators such as in Gmail/Outlook/Thunderbird, etc.

    By this I mean using the following in Search box:

    “from:john smith”

    Since changing to Lotus Notes it’s taking me much much longer to search through mails that I actually do it on my Blackberry as I can search using From/To, etc.

    1. You can search specific fields by square brackets.
      eg.: [from] = john smith & [to] = deidre

  2. @Tom – For the operators you mention, just click the column header and start typing.
    In Notes 9 hitting Ctrl-F will default to searching all columns but you can click the column selection box to only search a single column and it will automatically sort by that column and you’re on your way.
    The extra typing required to enter the “operator” or column name is not required.

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