Insulating my house with Wilson Insulation Pt 3

As promised, here is my final entry for my insulation experience with Wilson Insulation. January 12 they arrived as promised (this entry is a little delayed… hey I’ve been busy). They didn’t have an official dam to protect my master bedroom attic hatch access so they constructed one out of some kind of insulation board.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll be getting into and out of the attic but I presume I’ll figure out the required technique when the time comes.

Overall I have to say I’m satisfied. There were some miscues between the sales and the install folks. These could be related to the time of year, vacations and other seasonal thoughts keeping folks from being as focused as they maybe could be. But they made the effort to ensure that my concerns were addressed and they were prompt and courteous. I would use them again if I had to start all over.

So Wilson Insulation gets a “Thumbs up” from me!

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