Suggestions to makers of Drive

I have been playing with this software for a while now. But I have found no channels for sending them feedback. So today I left the following comment in their blog post regarding their upcoming 2.0 release:

I don’t see any way to find what new features will be released with the newer version.

There does not seem to be any way to send you feedback on the product? I’ve been through the website a couple of times. Am I just missing your feedback arena?

It has excellent potential but major shortcomings:

– Need to be able to shut it up (the same way I can get my ringer to be silent by hitting the volume key) for situations where it starts reading a message and I’m focused on something else. Or if I leave the status announcement on. I’ve had it interrupt conversations in stores announcing that it’s figured out that I’m not driving anymore. This would be fine if I could just shut it up for that one announcement.

– Need to be able to discriminate between messages. I’d like to have the option to ONLY read Level 1 email messages and all texts. If you want to create a separate filter system or allow more granular discrimination, that would be great too. Allowing profiles to control this would make sense.

– Licensing is unclear – It implies that purchase applies only for life of device. Most products you pay one fee for all minor version upgrades regardless of devices. I’m a BES admin and go through devices rather too frequently to have to re-purchase all my software on a per device basis.

– Would be nice if it could parse canonicalized names and just read out the common name for folks on a corporate BES.

– Would be nice if there could be option where it won’t read non words (those with numbers? Those in blacklist?). I receive plenty of important automated notifications and would love to not have to listen to the Lotus Notes generated monitor numbers – they take a while to read out.

I think there is tremendous potential for the product but I also need it to be a bit more friendly to my needs before I invest in it.



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