Insulating my house with Wilson Insulation Pt 2

Following up on my original post regarding Wilson Insulation, I spoke with Jack – the fellow responsible for the work crew – and he arranged to have them come out with instructions to “do whatever is needed to make the customer happy”.

That’s pretty damn impressive.

They came over on the scheduled day (last Tuesday – January 5) and spent a couple of hours addressing the lighting fixture (turns out an obsolete pipe left over from my hot water heater relocation was resting against the newly installed protector around one of my recessed lighting cans), installed the missing baffles that protect the soffit vents and evened out the blown insulation. The only omission was that the need for the attic hatch access dam was not communicated so they did not have it with them to install.

Yesterday – January 7 – I received a message from the installers, they were actually at my house to do that dam install (I was working in the office that day) so we had to reschedule. It’s too bad but I didn’t know they were coming.

Next Tuesday should see the installation of that final piece.

Based on the weather these past few days (especially today with the frozen roads!) I’m really happy to have that insulation up there.

Final chapter to be written shortly! 🙂

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