What’s with the “Delivery Fee”?

All the pizza delivery companies are now charging a “delivery” fee. Pizza Hut charges $2.50 in my area. I typically give  a minimum $3.00 tip or 20% whichever is greater for delivery. But now I find myself trying to figure out how much the delivery guy makes. I asked a co-worker who is close to the industry and he *thinks* the driver gets the lion’s share of that but he really can’t be sure. I know I’d feel kind of chintzy giving only 50 cents on top of the bill so I end up giving a couple of bucks on top as I think the drivers have a hard job.

Does anybody know what the situation is? Is this just a cash grab by the pizza companies or is this how the drivers are being compensated these days?

I know I prefer to be in charge of the tip as that guarantees that poor service can be tipped poorly. Maybe too many people tip poorly?

3 thoughts on “What’s with the “Delivery Fee”?”

  1. If you care, ask the next delivery guy. Just keep in mind, that if you order from a different company, they may have a different pay policy.

  2. @King – Nearly once a week we’ll order pizza in. It’s a *really* nice treat. Almost (‘though not quite) on a par with french fries!! 🙂

    I will agree that panzarotti’s would be even better. I’m positively stunned that here, in the land of “country fried steak”, “deep fried mars bars” and “whole deep fried turkeys” that essentially a “deep fried pizza” hasn’t caught on.

    Our local attempt, something called a “calzone”, is a pale, baked, tomato sauceless shadow of a panzarotti.

  3. @Marc

    Perhaps you need to look for a place that sells calsones (yuck these really need to be fried) and also french fries. Then they have both the ingredients and the equipment to make you what you want. Then go to the store at a time when they would not be busy (3pm?) and walk them through the process of making one. Hey, it’s a lot of work for something they should already do, but a pansiroti is worth a little work.

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