Given up on Pizza Hut

We have 3 major pizza players around here. I prefer to use the internet to order my pizza because it seems to eliminate a LOT of confusion.

Basically I use one pizza provider until they tick me off and then I move to another one.  A while ago, probably a few years now I switched away from Pizza Hut because they seemed to have forgotten how to actually cook the pizza, the dough would be all gooey and, while modestly edible it really wasn’t a treat. The second time it happened I called and had them replace the pizza and the replacement was the same, undercooked. So I switched away.

Anyway, the time came to try Pizza Hut again – I really like their pan pizza when it’s, you know, cooked.  On Monday I sent in an order and they indicated it should take about an hour to arrive. I’m still surprised that the 30 minutes timeline they all used to strive for has gone by the wayside but no matter, an hour I would wait.

After about 90+ minutes I gave the store a call and they didn’t know where the pizza was as it had left over 20 minutes ago. The guy on the phone apologized for the inconvenience but didn’t have much to add to the conversation.  I told him to just cancel the pizza and we’d figure out something else for dinner.

Another 20 minutes later, the pizza guy shows up and I told him to forget it. He was unaware of my calling the store to cancel.

I should note that my house is *maybe* 10 minutes from  the pizza hut location from which the pizzas need to be delivered.

So I’ve just removed Pizza Hut from my list of pizza providers and I won’t be using them any more. Am I being unreasonable?

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