WallyPark – Can’t really figure out their Points

I was reviewing my recent WallyPark receipt from my trip up to Toronto at the end August and could not at all figure out why I didn’t have enough points to cover this trip’s stay.

So I’ve sent them this email. I’m posting this in case anybody else uses them. Take a close look at your receipts. If you’re a member of their “WallyClub” (I know, I know – sounds like a Chevy Chase movie) you have access to every receipt that you’ve paid for their services. Check them out and see if you can make heads or tails of it.


My name is Marc Bourassa, I travel only occasionally and have been using your services since you acquired the Atlanta location from Airpark.

Recently, after a 5 day stay I was surprised that I had only 10 points available to me to apply against my balance. So they applied 7 points and I paid the rest.

In reviewing my receipts I can see that, for some reason I *always* seem to have 10 points available to me, no more ever seem to get applied to my balance regardless of my stays.

I’m also having trouble determining why my 3 day & 3 hr stay on 5/4/09 cost me $43.

Why I’m writing:

What I’d like is a review of my charges and point accruals / debits to date – this shouldn’t be that difficult as I have only a dozen transactions.

I’d also recommend that your site be updated to maintain a proper running balance of points. As it is it’s not very user friendly.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with WallyPark’s services. The shuttles are always available when I’m headed to the airport and I have seldom had to wait for a shuttle when returning from the airport. But I also like to understand what I am going to pay and like to feel that I’m being treated fairly even with incentive plans. Please help me understand where I may be in error or work with me to correct any mistakes that may have been made.

Thanks for looking into this,


3 thoughts on “WallyPark – Can’t really figure out their Points”

  1. To their credit, a representative from WallyPark responded almost immediately that she had reviewed my account and that I had a boatload of points available to me that worked out to about 11 parking days to my credit.

    I have not yet heard back to my subsequent query as to whether this is an issue to do with the operator not inputting information correctly or if there is some glitch in the points system.

    But if you use WallyPark, I urge you to check out your account and, if it doesn’t make sense to you, contact them for clarification. If you send an email to their “Contact” address it will actually send the message to pretty much ALL of their published contact addresses.

  2. You are correct in that the WP system is difficult to understand, at best. For those of you who live near Denver and/or use DIA- try USAirport Parking for great rates, superior service and easy-to-understand frequent parker and corporate discount programs, all laid out on our website. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did! http://tinyurl.com/d58xto

  3. @Mark Walker – I hadn’t really intended for this to be an ad space for other park n fly places. But I have to say that ease of navigating / understanding a parking place’s web site is now becoming a factor in determining which one is most suitable for your use.

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