The Mentalist

I’ve been watching “The Mentalist” since it first began airing last year and was very happy with the show. The premise of a guy who was attuned to the minutia that most folks never notice using his abilities to solve crimes rather than just dupe the public with cold readings and other mystical flim-flam was quite appealing to me.

Is it just me or, starting with episode 16 – where Jane loses his sight – the series took a serious left turn into buffoonery and started stretching credibility beyond the point where I at least am able to enjoy it. Running around a parking lot, blind with a hail of bullets chasing you and then trying to drive, again still while blind, to avoid a skilled and intelligent killer was just silly and stupid.

The most recent episode, where everybody and his dog is being hypnotized (“in a trance”) to do outrageous and ridiculously out of character things was equally disappointing.

It’s as though some network execs came down from their offices, chased out all the writers and the director and decided they could do a far better job of the show themselves by removing the intelligent content and ensuring that any character development that was carefully crafted for the first 15 episodes would be summarily tossed out the window.

I am very disappointed…

As a rant, if you ever saw the pilot episode for “Lois and Clark, the new adventures of Superman” and then saw any of the episodes that followed, you can see the EXACT same thing going on here. That pilot had thoughtful characters and a seemingly intelligent plot being mapped out and that was gutted and discarded in favor of a sloppy, silly weekly romp through dumb-land..

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