Decided to NOT buy a new car, will row instead

Burger StandI was very interested in buying a Honda CR-V and shopped around for a few Internet quotes. These compared as modestly favorable but I really did not see the “fantastic” deals that folks (Clark Howard et. al.) have been talking about. I was able to get a best price, out the door, of about $26,807.14. This really isn’t bad. But my venerable 1997 Honda Odyssey is still more than up to the task of getting me from A to B in comfort. It still looks great and has been paid off for nearly 7 years.

If I were out to buy a used car, I could do a LOT worse than to pick up my current Odyssey (156,000 miles on it) and drive it for another 4 or 5 years. I just spent $630 to correct an oil leak and replace an axle piece which means I’ve spent $1,300 this year on the Odyssey. With age, I expect that I’ll eventually be spending much more than that on this car, but for now it’s still WAY cheaper and just as comfortable as a new vehicle.

So, instead, I went out and picked up a new Concept2 model D (with PM3 performance monitor). I used to use a similar rower (Model B, I believe) when I frequented the gym at Canada Life in Toronto. It was a solid performer and I used the rowing as a great warm up to my workout du jour.

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