New Hardwood Floors – Prelude

Just before we moved into our home about 12 years ago, the sellers replaced all the flooring (except in the laundry room) with new carpeting. Some of it was replaced with tile when we renovated our Living area back in 2002.

Now, of our 2,500 square foot house, we are replacing about 1,500 square feet of carpeting with hardwood flooring. We got a couple of estimates and decided to go with Enhance Floor Trends located not too far from us here in Marietta.

We went with an engineered wood flooring that would be most suitable to gluing straight down on concrete. One of the estimates we received tried to have us use cork on our concrete slab to “improve the feel” of the flooring when you walked on it. I was unable to find any corroboration for that claim (most references to cork cited soundproofing as the reason to use this) so I became concerned that there was significant upselling going on which helped make the decision to go with Enhance easier.

We got a reasonable deal on the flooring itself as we chose one that is going out of production. So, in return for a limited warranty (and I dislike warranties anyway) we got the wood for 1/3 off the price.

So, for 1560 square feet:
– Bruce rockhampton Plank / Natural (3/8″ x 3″) installed (w/freight and tax) $8.85 / sq ft

– 1/3 off

– 2 T-Moldings (prefinished)

– Shoemolding (primed)

– Pull and dispose Carpet / Pad / Tackstrip

– Move basic furniture (we did most of the moving ourselves but some pieces were too big) (Master Bed, Armoire, Desk)

– Anticipated floor Prep (moderate) There was a range for additional cost should the floor be really bad.

There was also a 5% job discount available to us

Total was to be $9,798.72

Once the carpet had been pulled they were able to assess the floor. Our slab has all the flatness of a roller coaster. It turned out that the additional cost for the slab was to be about $1,100.00. Yech, but not surprising once you see the associated pictures.

So, actual total will be more like $12,000.00

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