Refinancing a mortgage with SunTrust – Ongoing

It wasn’t until I was finally able to sit down with all (34) of the documents from the refinance that I noticed some anomalies.

It turns out that the $250 credit for working for my current employer that had been represented in the “Good Faith Estimate” was missing.

I’ve contacted George Connolly twice now by email. On Feb 24 I sent him:

Hi George,

In reviewing the mortgage closing fees I see that the $250 credit for working with Equifax was NOT included.

What can we do to correct this?


To which he nearly immediately responded:

I will look into it and follow up.

When I didn’t hear back, on February 28 I sent another email. I decided to be more direct this time:

Hi George,

Any news?  It looks like a simple omission. Will you be sending a check or just depositing directly into my account?


This time the answer was a little slower in coming, but I suppose it was the weekend after all:

I will check on this today and get back to you.  Thanks

 George Connolly

So am I getting the blow-off?  I’ll have to now invest some time calling and chasing him on the phone. Man, I can’t believe how little help I’m getting here.

On another note, one of the myriad documents I have shows my original mortgage payout amount. Yet my closing costs reflect an amount $156.38 greater than this. I’ve got an email in to Christine Arcand (my Mortgage Relationship Specialist) to help me track down the difference. I shot her a message on Feb 28 and have yet to hear back.

Of course this is on top of the nearly $500 that I ended up overpaying to clear my line of credit. In pre-close conversation I was told by George Connolly that they would send me a check for any overage, but since my faith in him is now somewhat shaken, I need to contact the SunTrust Access 3 Home Equity Line of Credit folks directly to see about the disposition of this money.

I suppose, given the huge amounts of money they are constantly dealing with that these seem like pretty paltry sums to the SunTrust representatives. But suppose this was a car purchase, or the purchase of a new TV set, would that make the same money somehow more valuable? The fact that the money is a relatively small percentage of the overall transaction does not diminish its absolute value to me. That’s money that I earned and I am entitled to spend in ways that *I* see fit.

Some assistance from my bank would be appreciated.

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