Vista messing with keystrokes

Anybody else have this issue?

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, Vista will interpret keystrokes to mean special things. i.e. I’ll be innocently typing an email and suddenly the “r” will initiate a “run” dialog. Or a “3” will invoke my Radmin application.

This is something that is consistent while it is happening, hitting the same key invokes the same action every time.

It’s *really* annoying when I’m in a rush.

The fix is to lock my system (Winkey + L) and then unlock it again and all is well.

The only thing that *may* be involved is that it might happen when I’ve used “Remote Desktop Connection” (RDC). Not necessarily *while* I’m using RDC, but if RDC has been used at all since the last reboot. For instance I was using RDC for a good hunk of today, it’s closed now but the keystroke issue just happened a few minutes ago…

But I’m curious if I’m the only one experiencing this.

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  1. No Marc, everyone else in the world has enought sence to run OS/2. Hopefully Windows 7 will have caught up to WARP.

    Seriously… have you tried switching the keyboard? A few years ago, I spilled some water into my keyboard. I let it dry out well before using it again, and it ‘mostly worked’, but strange things (similar to what you described) started happening. As I recall it was more random focus changes, missed/extra characters, random capitialization I was getting, but I’m not sure even what operating system I was on at that time.
    On a similar lines, any magnetic fields near the keyboard, or motherboard that could be interfering with the signal leaving your keybaord?

    I know, here I am almost defending Windoze. Perhaps I spilled some water into my ears!?!?!?>

  2. Hey King, That’s a good point about switching the keyboard, just for some basic troubleshooting if for no other reason.

    I’m pretty sure that the keyboard is not at issue due to the consistency of the issue while it’s happening (if it happens soon I’ll pick up the keyboard and give it a shake).

    The magnetic fields theory is interesting since I already believe I have such an issue which prompted me to move back to a wired from a wireless mouse.

    Considering I’ve gone and installed Ubuntu on my laptop I’m sure you’ll see my adherence allegiance to Windows is fading somewhat…

  3. I hadn’t really paid attention to my location when this occurred but can now confirm that this happens both using my work PC and my home PC. So the physical keyboard is unlikely to be the culprit.

    Is Vista the new “ME”?

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