As I have no blog of my own, and no real time to blog, I shall “blog-squat” on Mr. Bourassa’s fine blog.

I have grown lately, and that growth is unfortunately just more unwanted fat on my previously already-overweight frame. Exercise has unfortunately taken a backseat to schoolwork and wrangling kids when not doing said schoolwork.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to exercise on the treadmill. But the combination of the fifty pound nursing books and the inadequately-sized and poorly positioned book tray typically lead to a headache, neckache, or both.

After another exercise attempt (and subsequent neckache) this morning, the solution came to me. Adapt one of the lonely shelves in my basement into a book/study tray.

So while my one-year-old napped, I transformed my idea into reality. Total time from start to finish was eighty minutes, the bulk of which was removing the lower shelves (lots of bolts and nuts in hard to reach places) and a top shelf.

Here it is. I am excited. Now maybe I can just live on the treadmill while studying. The only difference (besides the hopefully significant loss of fat) is standing while reading versus sitting while reading. And isn’t the slow workout supposed to burn more fat anyway – something I have no shortage of!






6 thoughts on “Exercising”

  1. LOL! Here is a design worthy of inclusion on “The Red Green Show” if I ever saw one.

    The only thing missing is duct-taping a playpen to the other side of the bookshelf so you can keep an eye on the little ones by glancing over top of your current nursing study tome.

    Good luck on your new exercise regime!

  2. @Marc – I hope I’m not the only person reading your blog who gets the “Red Green show” reference (for those of us who used to watch the CBC).

    I always have a maxim that if you are exercising slowly enough to read and study, then you’re not really exercising at all.

    But I don’t want to be a crumudgeon so I wish Glenn the best with his new workout plan.

  3. It is not ideal, but I will say that I am at least exercising at the lower end of target (65% – 70% HR) to burn fat.

    200 minutes on the treadmill more than I would have done otherwise!

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