Anxiety-detecting machines could spot terrorists

While this is pretty cool technology the reality is that technology doesn’t solve problems. It is only a tool that must be wielded along with an arsenal of other tools that include judgment, common sense and thorough training.

I believe that there is a huge part of our culture today that craves the “simple solution”. Apparently anything complicated is deemed beyond the ken of your average person and certainly well beyond the abilities of the TSA if the anecdotes coming from airports across the country are to be believed.

The same drive that has folks flocking to churches and believing that everything you need to know is accommodated in one, not particularly easy to read (and poorly translated) book combined with an increasing emphasis on multitasking (read: being scatterbrained) leads us to look for solutions to our problems that do not involve actually having to think or reason, but just follow rules (or beeping screens in the case of the machine above).

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