A few more updates on this blog

I’ve done a bit more tweaking, such as adding the somewhat more informative pagination at the bottom of this page (rather than just telling you “previous entries” you can see what’s actually in store for you).

I’ve also added a little “Comments” link to the entries so you can see if there are any comments associated with a blog posting from either the main page or from a search.

I’ve updated the site to allow folks to post without registering on the site. I don’t like having to register to post on other folks’ sites so why inflict that on you guys? I had to lock things down for a while as I was trying to move to a new SPAM protector. Everything is in place now so hopefully those spammers will be kept at bay.

I’ve added a lot more relevance to the widgets on the sidebars. Generally the top ones on either side should be germane to whether you’re reading a post, searching or just scanning the main page.

I’ve updated the feeds on the lower right sidebar so you can subscribe to the main posts only, any comments or just my flickr photo postings. Chose one or all!

You’ll also notice that posts now sport a “# views” item near the
bottom. This will look weird for a while since it has to start counting
from zero but I’m sure it will be relevant in a couple of months.

Oh, and I’ve also added an Amazon.com wishlist widget in case you all feel like buying me stuff  🙂   Just check out my “about” page.

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