Angelo’s Steak Pit

Cheers!Despite the somewhat corny advertising (“And that’s no bull!”) the food and service at Angelo’s Steak Pit are both excellent. It is *really* hard to get a steak cooked properly nowadays and I have to say that this Panama City Beach restaurant does it right.

There is a distinctively road-house look to this place, so this isn’t your typical fine-dining experience, but from the first person we met at the door through to the waitresses, everybody was warm and friendly. Service was timely and the food, from the salad (try their house dressing!) through to the buttered bread to the steak and potato were all excellently prepared.

Example of how not to take a flash pictureOur server, Amy, kept my drink filled and was at hand when we needed anything. Service like this is what makes people like me want to come back again and again.

I heartily recommend Angelo’s Steak Pit if you happen to be in Panama City Beach!

2 thoughts on “Angelo’s Steak Pit”

  1. My coworker found your website and told me about the picture of me on it… It was a big hit at work I think I have been the only employee to have a picture along with a great comment. It was a pleasure waiting on the both on you.

  2. Hi Amy, It’s too bad that your picture ended up being an example of how *not* to take a flash shot, but I’m glad you’re now a mini-celebrity at work!

    We’ll definitely drop by again when we’re in town in August (mmm…. steak….). Maybe we’ll see you then!

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