Kid impression of George Bush

**Update 2008 04 01** It turns out that this is probably just a lip-sync of a Will Ferrell bit. Mind you, it’s still a laugh and the kid’s doing a good job. Any Britney Spears fans can appreciate a good lip-sync…

Like or hate President Bush, you have to admit this is very well done.

I’m pretty sure that this is a much more professional production than it implies (a la “lonely girl”) but it’s funny nonetheless. The Bush administration has set science and education standards back untold years with No Child Left Behind and their meddling with the output and presentation of various government controlled or influenced organizations.

At least we can laugh a little bit. I enjoyed the revelation that Adam and Eve drove an Excursion… 🙂

As an aside, I found out recently that all those suckers who bought “H2” Hummers really bought “Yukons” with stylized bodies that shared NOTHING with the original Hummers that were being emulated.

Can you tell I have strong feelings about obscenely large vehicles bought for style but not for function?

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