Georgetown Homecoming has spurred my curiosity

PICT3140.JPGBack at the end of July of this year I attended the Georgetown Homecoming event. It was a novel idea where, not just a particular class or year from the high school would get together, but rather the ENTIRE TOWN – anybody who had ever lived there – were invited back to partake in various events intended to help folks reconnect and reminisce about days gone by.

This would have marked my 23rd anniversary of graduating from high school. So I was pretty sure that folks in my bracket would likely be there. Also, from the exposed attendee list (you could elect to not have your name show up if you preferred) I could see that there were several people who I would be very interested in seeing and finding out what is going on with them today.

I was astonished at the age range of the folks who I saw attending. By and large these folks seemed to be about 20 years my senior. In attending the initial night’s Wine and Cheese function, Michelle and I wandered around the large and very crowded arena and encountered not a single person that we could recognize. Between the nametags and just the fact that you can usually see hints of a someone’s younger self in their current person led me to the conclusion that there were a LOT of folks in Georgetown that I didn’t know!

I suppose I should have made more of an effort to contact some folks before the event so that we could perhaps hook up and see what time had done for them. But I honestly thought that we’d be able to just bump into folks by happenstance.

Take it from me, if you are ever to attend something like this, that is much grander in scope than a simple class or high-school reunion, either ensure that there will be designated class or age events or make your connections before you go and know where you’ll be meeting once there.

Even looking at the photo galleries posted after the event I managed to find only a couple of names of folks that I even recognized much less hung out with.

No slam against the organizers. This is a HUGE deal and they deserve plenty of accolades for pulling off an event of such magnitude.

Still there are folks that I would have liked to meet again and those I would have liked to have asked about just out of curiosity. I figure I’ll list them here. If anybody reading this blog happens to have any information please feel free to add a comment or drop me a line (check out the “About Marc” link in the sidebar – I don’t put my address in the actual blog due to spammers). And if you’re reading this and don’t see your name here, ping me anyway. It’s been over 20 years and I’ve only listed the folks that jump to mind immediately. I’m sad to say that some names simply have escaped me!

Folks I know about:

  • Pete Carson (and wife Liz) – met up with them in Georgetown some years ago
  • Devin Baines – He pinged me a while ago and had a web site (now defunct – through which I was able to keep up with his goings on

Folks I would like to have bumped into:

  • Steve Roach – It looks like he’s now living on the East coast of the US?
  • Thijs Millenaar – It looks like he’s still living in Georgetown
  • Natalie Fisher – Last saw her in Toronto taking care of an injured boyfriend
  • Michael Hartford – Still exchange Christmas cards with Mike
  • Joel Weisz – Last I heard was in Brampton with 3rd wife?
  • Sheila Britton – I *think* maybe she was in Toronto?

 Whatever happened to:

  • Joanne Powell
  • Suzette Brown
  • Joanne Labine
  • Mike Daquano
  • Rene Schwarz
  • Lynn Cazabon
  • Brenda Morrow
  • Sandra Crane
  • John Siderius
  • Sue Masson
  • Ken Stanley
  • Debbie Sunnucks
  • Rob Rush
  • Rick Walterson
  • Tim Dixon
  • Jeff Forsyth
  • Debbie Newman
  • Sheila MacDonald
  • Allison MacDonald
  • Bruce Reiger
  • John Rothwell
  • Lisa Woolgar
  • Diane Bransch
  • Kim Rudman
  • Denean Jones
  • Robin Maybee
  • Sandra Wilson
  • Craig Carlisle

One thought on “Georgetown Homecoming has spurred my curiosity”

  1. Well, what do you know?
    I threw your name into Facebook, and VOILA…
    How the HECK are you and Michelle? Is that her in the small pic above? She hasn’t changed a bit, except the hair is shorter!
    Memories of VALDI’S are still alive and kicking…Marge and I are the best of friends….(you DO remember Marge, don’t you?)
    Drop me a line! **

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