Winston the Human Water Fountain

OK, someone please tell me how he does this?  The guy is his own “Camelbak”!

On top of the 1.5 liters he needs to store to do that trick, the aim is phenomenal.

It seems that anything you can imagine, somewhere, someone can do it…

One thought on “Winston the Human Water Fountain”

  1. He is doing this by expunging water from a small sack that developed just below his pharynx. The sac can fill up with around 2.0L of water or any other liquid, and be held without any obstruction to his vital organs. Since the pharynx is so close to the trachea, mild diaphragm thrusts are able to expunge the water out of the sac, through and out the the trachea and out his mouse. Hopefully this was helpfull for you,


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