Programs continue to run even after I close them in Vista

RecallSomething I’m finding quite interesting with Vista Home Premium is the propensity for some programs to continue running even after I close them.

For instance, if I’m playing any kind of media in Windows Media Player (audio or visual) and just click the little “X” at the top of the application, the window closes but I still continue to hear the audio track until I either re-open WMP or go to the task manager and kill it.

The same goes for Azureus. I had it open a couple of days ago to check something and closed it. Today I happened to be reviewing libraries on my Roku Sound Bridge  and see that Azureus is still serving up content if I wish to use it.

Checking  Windows task bar I can see no trace of Azureus, but open up the task manager and, sure enough, there it is. I do need to look into this…

For smiles ‘n’ giggles I just closed iTunes and can see from the task manager that it closes just fine. I re-opened it and started playing a song and then closed it while the song was in progress and it closed just fine.

So I’m not sure what the thread is here.

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