Evolution is not just a theory

Evolution vs CreationismWow, I was put onto this by Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog. It’s a cogent and pithy description of what the word “Theory” really means in the context of science.

Someday I hope we’ll all get on board and move out of this “mini dark age” that we’ve saddled ourselves with.

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I record Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” mostly for the “Headlines” feature on Monday nights which I find amusing. Sometimes, however I’ll stop and inflict “Jaywalking” on myself. It’s too gruesome, like a terrible car wreck you are drawn toward it. I realize this segment is edited to be more amusing. For some reason folks being intelligent isn’t entertaining, so we see a stream of functionally illiterate morons come across the screen. Folks absolutely ignorant of basic science, history or even current events. But they all seem to know about Nascar and wrestling…

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