Minor changes to the Gym and Mich’s Office

We’re walking through the rest of our house and clearing a way a bunch of the clutter that we’ve accumulated over the years.

I really can’t believe that I don’t have any decent “before” pictures. You always *know* you have some so don’t bother taking any and then realize later that you really didn’t have anything suitable.

So here is the “After” layout of the Gym. We removed the 28″ console TV we had mounted on the wall near the ceiling as well as the nearby wall-mounted stereo/VCR (that dates it nicely) rack. We also had the old mirror from the guest bathroom cut and mounted on the wall, pulled in one of our now-obsolete bedroom bureaus and rearranged everything.

We were wanting to replace the flooring with something more gym-like, but the prices proved prohibitively high. It was going to take about $3,600 to have such installed. I looked around and really wanted to have some 3/8″ “Triump Sports Flooring” from Johnsonite installed. It seems ideal for this application. Maybe next project…

So instead we elected to have our carpets cleaned and just make use of the mats that I already owned to provide proper exercise surfaces and to prevent the sweat from saturating the carpet. Probably the next big project we undertake will be to replace the remaining carpeting in the house with wood and/or tile flooring. Ah to have infinite resource (read “money”)…
Here is the view as you come in through the door off of the hallway


The TV used to be mounted about where you see the white disk of the clock on the wall.

Panning over you can see the exercycle and treadmill. I’m much happier with the treadmill oriented this way. It’s much safer in case of a slip or fall.


Here you can see the air conditioner, which Tommy and Larry supported for us so that there would be less strain on the window frame. It’s also MUCH better insulated now than it used to be.


Here you see the bureau with the stereo now mounted on it. You can also see Mich’s office in the back there.

Finally a back view where you can see the doorway to the hall and the mirror from the guest bathroom.


Mich’s office hasn’t changed a great deal, but the desk is now oriented differently (no longer in front of the window), and she’s pulled in the bookcase that used to be located in the bedroom.


I can’t get her to part with her drafting/art table yet so I’m hoping she’ll start actually using it for it’s intended purpose rather than just for storage. We’ll have to see..


We’re overall very happy with the house and are working to make it all more conducive to how we like to live. Less clutter and more focused rooms.

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