Mr. Lee’s Cat Cam

Mr. Lee CatCamHave you ever wondered what you cat did all day?

Where he went? Maybe he’s got some friends you don’t know about? Both our cats are now indoor only, but our last cat Vern, a rescued stray, could not be made to stay indoors under any circumstances. We caught the occasional hint of what he was up to from comments from neighbors or glimpses caught of him when we headed out on errands. But you never *really* know what cats are up to, do you?

Well, I spotted Mr. Lee through Phil Plait’s “Bad Astronomy” blog and I thought it was clever enough that I wanted to comment on it too. Some guy in Germany put some thought into this and he’s got some amusing galleries that highlight what his cat is up to while out of the house. Even better, if YOU are wondering what your cat’s up to while out and about, you can now apparently, purchase your OWN cat cam! Too funny!

From the look of it, your cat probably needs to be pretty big to operate normally with this around his neck. But if he can manage it, I’m sure you’ll be in for some interesting surprises from your cat’s “other” life…

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