New Blackberry 8830

** Update 6/18/2007 11:30 pm**

Just got off the phone with RIM. According to the rep I worked with I will need to send any suggestions for my new Blackberry (they’re not really issues since it *is* operating as designed – at least as far as the brightness of the “pearl” is concerned) to

1 – the “Pearl” (little control ball) is kept in lockstep with the screen and there is currently no way to disable the pearl lighting – I find this makes it difficult to see the screen unless I keep my thumb over it. I’ll be sending a note to bbsuggestions on this.

2 – The red LED indicator will flash for 15 minutes after it has been triggered. So if you are expecting your repeat notification to let you know you received a message while in the shower, just make it a short shower 🙂  I’ll be sending a note to bbsuggestions on this.

3 – I originally forgot to mention this issue below but the GPS doesn’t seem to work. Apparently RIM has an internal memo that discusses the fact that Verizon, by design, has not enabled the GPS in their devices for 3rd party apps (in particular I want to use Google Maps with this).

** End Update **

I am using a new Blackberry 8830 handled device so that I can offer backup support at work should there be issues with them.

Overall I’ve got a good handle on the device, nice screen and a lot of intelligent features. But one thing is just not working the way I think it should.

I have my profiles generally set so that only level 1 messages notify me when they come in. I allow all other messages to flow into the device but I check those when I have a free moment. I really do want to know about the level 1 messages as they arrive.
Sometimes I’m away from my phone (shower, workout, whatever) and, by default, the screen is off (new feature with this model that’s different from my old 7250). So in my profiles I have set it such that the LED will flash for these messages. But the LED seems never to be on even though I could have a dozen level 1 messages in my inbox. I assume that there is a finite amount of time for which the LED will flash but I have yet to find it, either by searching the web or in the Blackberry knowledge base. I suppose I’ll have to give RIM support a call tomorrow…

BTW, so far,

  • REALLY nice screen, automatically changes brightness based on ambient lighting
  • Slim
  • I like the “Pearl” control – still trying to find a way to turn of it’s light. It’s a little distracting in low light.
  • The option key on the left side – was annoying when it activated voice dialing but after I swapped it to take me to my inbox I like it just fine.
  • Faster processor than my old 7250


  • That silly LED issue
  • The keyboard is very awkward to use. I presume I’ll get used to it. But I pretty much have to stare at it, rather than the screen, when I’m typing.
  • Another ding against the keyboard is that, in low lighting, the keys are lit such that the letters are a very dark blue (keys are opaque metal). I honestly cannot read them at all. I type using my memory of where the keys *should* be, the only help from the lighting is to let me know that there is *some* key located there, not *which* key.

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