Adventures in Golfing

I went golfing at River Pines golf course on Friday with Glenn, David and Shuo. It turns out that River Pines’ championship course is still a fair bit above my skill level so my game was not what you might call “spectacular”. 🙂

Two items of note, however. Shuo and I were sitting in our cart at the 2nd hole when I happened to look up and saw a badly sliced ball curving gently towards us. I managed to get out a short warning before the ball whizzed between the two of us through the open front window and hit the back of the cart. That definitely gets the adrenaline flowing.

Then later, while hitting on the fairway of the 8th hole I struck the ball with my 3 iron and saw a curious flash while simultaneously feeling the club lighten dramatically.

It turns out that the iron had not simply separated from the shaft but the iron had actually broken off the shaft.


Here’s a closer look at the actual head


These are Prestwick px-7 clubs that I bought as a package a few years ago when I decided to become at least passable at the game. I figured I could invest in some nicer clubs when I had decided what I did and didn’t like with the current set.

Definitely in the “don’t like” column would be “falling apart”. 🙂

David has an eclectic collection of clubs that he’s assembled over the past few years that serve him very well, I’ll need to pick his brain for ideas for some new clubs. After watching his wonder clubs in action and Shuo’s new driver (easily the largest head I’ve ever seen used on a driver) I’m definitely convinced that the right clubs will help make the game that much more enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Golfing”

  1. That piddly little 3-iron didn’t stand a chance in your muscular grip. Or it had seen enough of your game and wanted no further part of it (?).
    Good luck with your upgrade. Worth doing since you’re still playing and do live in a good golfing region. I’m shocked that errant ball came without at least some peep of a warning. Wouldn’t be surprised if nobody came to claim it.

  2. I didn’t pay a huge amount for that set and the 3 iron sports a gouge on its bottom from a rough shot where I didn’t notice a rock buried under some leaves just in front of the ball. But I’ll go with the muscular take on this… 🙂

    The kids (I call them kids, they were probably in their 20’s!) I could see clearly both had looks of dismay on their faces, one had his hands on his head. To their credit they came by to check on us. I told them all was well but that they can feel free to yell “Fore!” the next time the ball slews off course and heads towards a crowded tee box.

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