Renovation update 05/08/2007 -2

I realize that I should actually date the renovation entries as the date of the renovation rather than as of when I post to the blog. Duh!

Anyway, here is what’s new as of the end of 5/8/2007.

This is the inside of the cabinet that we had constructed by Cherokee Cabinet Shop, Inc.

There are 4 adjustable shelves (which are off to the side), that little slider at bottom left is for my laptop so that I can keep it handy in the bedroom without it being visible. Apparently Mich doesn’t think it (the laptop) looks as attractive as I do and would rather it not be a focal point. Go figure.


A little more progress has been made to the bathroom tile. All that’s left now is the top part of the shower area and the wall next to the commode.


It’s a little hard to see, but there are a lot of complex cuts around the soap dishes and in the piping where it intersects with other piping.


The laundry room is pretty much finished. The new utility sink is more solid than I expected for not being anchored to the wall. It’s designed to be bolted into the floor but I didn’t like that idea a whole lot. I discussed the option of attaching it to the wall with Tommy but it’s not going to be easy to do in an attractive manner. However, I’ve tested it and it is very solid as is so I think we’ll just let that be. We’re thrilled to actually have a sink in this room finally.


And here’s a view of the room with the cupboards painted and the knobs attached


Finally, kudos to Larry who shows that this work is part trade part art. We replaced our 3 gang light switch with a 4 gang switch and removed the apparently random switch that had been mounted above the 3 gang. Look closely, that’s a real wood wall that’s had a 2″ by 4″ (at least) hole repaired in it. It’s only because I knew it was there before that I can detect the original hole. Some very nice work went into making that eyesore go away.2390

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