Renovations – Laundry Room and Master Bath coming along

Here are the final pictures to bring us up to date.

The walls in the laundry room have been painted and the cabinets primed. You can see the new shelves have been installed and are longer than the old ones to take up the space created by removing the wall that used to hide the hot water tank.

You can also see the utility sink nestled between the dryer and washer.


Here you can see the new linoleum flooring, the pattern and colors were selected to complement those both in the garage foyer and on the patio.


Progress is slow but steady on the tilework in the bathroom. Hopefully on Monday we can get the last of the tile up and maybe even the shower door mounted.


The bedroom cabinet and the vanity pieces have arrived and look great. We had some concern at first that the center door panels might be too light but Mich consulted with her girlfriend and apparently all is well. 🙂


The new windows are scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Monday) so we should be getting to work installing those soon. Also, as soon as the vanity is installed we can get the counter guys to come in to create the template and get that process moving. It will likely take about two weeks after that for the counter to be ready so I’m going to make that a priority so the other work can be done while we wait for the counter.

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